Shut up he said

Warren Buffett to unhappy Americans: Get over it.  The multi-billionaire Obama jock-strap supporter seems to be upset that Americans are turning on his favorite colored boy and the Democrat congress:

“Sentiment has turned very sour in the last three or four or five months,” the chairman and CEO of Omaha-based Berkshire Hathaway Inc. said in an interview broadcast Thursday.

“I hope we get over it pretty soon, because it’s not productive,’’ Buffett said. “We will come back regardless of how people feel about Washington, but it is not helpful to have people as unhappy as they are about what’s going on in Washington.”

Piss on Buffett

Translation:  I’ve got mine so shut up.  If you lost your job, your house, your family, that’s tough.  The big banks and Wall Street got bailed out by my boy and his posse, and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.  Oh, sure, you could vote them out. But that would be “not productive.”  Yeah, the economy will come back when those bastards are all thrown out of office.   I wish I could piss on his leg and see him call that “not productive.” 

Johnny Baby Doe

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