An LCP for Me(?)

Almost three years ago my firearms were stolen in a burglary and I have been gunless since (oh the shame of it).  The pieces included a Ruger .22 pistol,  and a Makarov 9×19 (extremely reliable Russian ripoff of the Walther PPK) along with a couple of rifles.

So, after hoarding pennies all this time I’m ready to start a new gun collection, and I’m heavily leaning toward this little number:

Ruger .380 LCP

Did I hear someone whisper “mouse gun?  Here’s the deal; Alaska, unlike most of the lesser, er, Lower 49 states that you poor saps occupy, has totally free concealed carry, for non-felons.  No license needed (don’t take it into a bar, is all).  We do have a CCW permit process that has reciprocity with 30-odd other states, but it’s not required.

I figure this little beauty, unlike a Colt 1911 .45 (a weapon that I love) can go anywhere with me in a wallet-type holster, no bulges, no discomfort, no problem.  The .380 cartridge is adequate with a good bullet.  And since I’ve been making do with a 3.5 inch-bladed fighting knife for the last three years, it’s definitely a step up.

I haven’t been following the firearms industry very closely for some time so if anyone has another suggestion, I’d like to hear about it.


UPDATE by John Doe

I am keeping my son’s gun for him while he is on tour.  I just noticed that it is a Ruger LCP .380.   I’ve never shot it but I had to take a picture of it and my new my daughter’s new mutt “Miley.”

sic semper tyrannis

23 responses to “An LCP for Me(?)

  1. a colt .357 magnum with 6-inch barrel. People will see the bulge and never mess with you haha

  2. How about a Derringer .45 cal/.410?

    If you need more than two shots, yer not doin’ it right. [My son got a .380 and the bullets are expensive. But on the positive side, Shaft carried a .380…]

  3. I recently purchased a Taurus 38+P, five shot, hammerless, stainless steel, revolver, with 1.5 inch barrel that included a lifetime warranty. The warranty being on the piece, not me…Hehehe… the hammerless design is really fine for concealed carry since the there’s no hammer to snag your clothing, when you draw.

    I carried an S&W 38, Detective Special with a 1.25 inch barrel and blued finish in my right boot, for four years in Vietnam…worked real fine, but liked to really rust, and showed a lotta holster wear. Sold it to a nurse in Nahtrang, for fifty bucks in late ’66 when I went home for good.

    I also carried a Browning 9mm, automatic on my belt…that “sucker” failed to properly eject on two occasions [Oh shit…!]…maybe it was the ammo? I have continued to prefer the revolver, despite its’ limited ammo load, for its’ steady reliability, to this very, day…

    Make yer first shot count Trooper, if yer firing on full auto, jerkbah…!

  4. I own only one hand gun, a .357 Taurus revolver. It hits what I aim at when I aim at it. My shotguns and 30-06s are for different purposes…

    • JD…
      I gotta believe yah use both hands when yer shootin’ and that “honey”, she kicks like a sorry, arse, Democrat, muely…

      MAKE MY DAY…!

      As some wag once said…Hehehe…!

    • JD…
      Is it, a long barrel “Judge”…?
      Taurus makes some very fine weapons and yah can’t beat the warranty…!

  5. BTW: NV…

    The long barrel, Ruger, .22 long rifle, semi-auto, pistol, with a sound suppressor was a favorite of the “company guys” I had one too…the bolt only made a very “small click” and the round only whispered, when firing…!


  6. NeoVic, note the update. 😉

    Gramps, it has a 3″ barrell and does not require two hands.

  7. I’d love one, too expensive.

    according to my postal scale, my son’s LCP weighs only 11 oz. empty. It looks and feels like a toy.

  8. Hell, six rounds for my .44 mag. weighs 11 oz. A “two handed” grip is definitely necessary when shooting it. The seven and a half inch barrel helps a little with the recoil, but it’s not a “concealable” weapon by any means.


  9. You can get ‘em for about 20% less here…
    This why you can’t afford to be without one…
    Get one…you’ll learn why they are indispensible…no matter the cost…!

  10. Dammit JD…I just got hit by the “two links rule ” on my last post!
    Check for moderation, it’s actually educational, for a change…

  11. This why you can’t afford to be without one…

    Get one…you’ll learn why they are indispensible…no matter the cost…!

  12. “Almost three years ago my firearms were stolen in a burglary”

    Oh, so you are the guy supplying guns to criminals? Thanks a lot for that!

  13. Sheldon – It would be more correct to blame the thief. However, given this theft was probably not the thief’s first crime, one has to wonder why the thief was not in jail.

    Anyone want to hazard a guess as to whether or not this thief benefitted from a catch and release program? On whom should we place the blame for catch and release programs?

  14. If you’re shopping for a Taurus small frame grip, get the LG 385 series [costs + $64] from CT, since it has a soft rubber over mold and a slightly extended grip for your “pinky”…also helps to absorb some of the recoil as compared to the standard hard grips.

    Yah can’t gettalong without ’em…in any situation; but especially in low light conditions…!

  15. JD…
    Once yah get a holdt of that really, soft, rubber “over mold” yah’ll think yer whoopin’ or lopin’… that sorry democrat muley in the barn, behind the house and yer Momma ain’t never, ever, gonna know…

  16. Recommendation for the best stopping power for the smallest gun?

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