O’Donnell No Way According to Polls in Del.

A Fox News poll has Miss O’Donnell 14 points behind Coons and according to the numbers, Coons has over 50% of the numbers. Also according to the polls, an over whelming number of the people polled, say that O’Donnell isn’t qualified to be a Senator.

John Podhoretz says that Christine O’Donnell has two chances of becoming the new Senator from Delaware…A snowball’s chance in Hell and none. Normally when I read an opinion by such a noted columnist as John Podhoretz, I sit up and take notice. But then I started thinking…is this Podhoretz supposed to be on our side, or is he just gone sour grapes on the deal because his “guy” didn’t win? It would seem there’s a lot of that sour grapes going on in the main stream Republican party these days. Their “guy” didn’t win, so they’re gonna take their ball and go home.

Another case in point is the “Lisa The Loser Murkowski” deal going on up in the frozen tundra of Alaska. She lost a hard fought race for what she thought was her birthright seat in the Senate left to her by her Daddy. Instead of being a gracefull loser, she throws a hissy fit, tries to get on the Libertarian party ticket and when she’s rebuffed there, decides she’s going to “go it alone” as a write in candidate.

Are main stream Republicans Stoopid or are they selfish brats just beginning to realize that “Daddy’s” gonna take away their charge card for irresponsible spending like their leftist liberal friends do with their “unlimited” spending? It’s time to wake up folks. I would consider Podhoretz a MSM goon and take what he says with a considerable grain of salt. If you want more of the same, just go right ahead and vote for Harry Reid’s “pet”.

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6 responses to “O’Donnell No Way According to Polls in Del.

  1. Clearly the case that the RNC supports only nominally male, certifiable left to way left “moderates”.

  2. And just for the giggles, ‘splain to me ther relative qualificaitions at this point-before-the-election of O’Donnell for Senatore from Delaware and Obama for President of the USA.

    Hell, analyze them as of today, 9/22/2010.

  3. “… me the relative …” and “…Senator….”

  4. Come on L S…
    Here yah go…!

    Christine Ohhh…!
    Has gotter made…
    Givver a break jerkbah…


  5. “Not qualified” only applies to women, Sheldon. REPUBLICAN women. Now, being a comedian on Saturday Night live, if yer a progressive man? Suddenly that makes one eminently “qualified” to embarrass your state as its senator.

  6. You don’t mean Al Franken, the Senator from the great state of Minnesota, do ya? Why he has even less talent as a Senator than he had as a “comedian” on SNL. I thought he was a hack back then and he hasn’t gotten any better with age.


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