So Uncle Lowell (a guest blogger here in the past, and here, but here is his Democrap cheerleading site of choice) is organizing a car pool to the Jon Stewart rally and I have taken it upon myself to try to help with the signs that he and his fellow progressive a**holes should display at the rally! 

Here are some I’ve already come up with: surely the learned crowd here at Smash Mouth can come up with some even better ones.  As usual, Gramps is the final arbiter of which are the best! 

“YES! Bankrupt us Komrade Obama!” “A**Holes for Alinsky!” “Tear the border down! Let EVERYBODY in!” “$2,000,000 stimulus money per job ain’t bad—keep spending our grandchildrens’ money like drunken pirates!” “The most transparent Administration evuh my arse!” How am I doin Lowell?

“It’s raaaaacist to oppose bad policy put forth by a black President!” “Honk if you are paying my mortgage!” “If you see Obama on the golf course, tell the moron I said ‘Helloooo!'” “The country ain’t bankrupt yet, so keep spending until it is!” [picture of Obama as Urkel looking at unemployment chart:] “Did I do that?”

“9.6 % unemployment: Good Job Baracky!” “Iran has nukes! Great Job Obammy!” “42% Approval rating! You’re doin it wrong!” “Raising taxes in a recession! What could go wrong?” “Dems getting thrown out of office left and right: What do the voters know that we ‘SANE’ people don’t?”

“ONLY 1.6 Trillion deficit last year? Cloward Piven says make it MORE!”
“Bankrupt America? YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!! Bankrupt California?? YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!” “How dare Chris Christie lower taxes, that scumbag!” “Amerikans United For More Tax…es and Bigger Government!” “We want to be just like Greece!”  “Raise taxes, not our standard of living!”  “Anything free enterprise can do, Big Government can do better!”

John Doe


  1. Mrs. Venomous thought Urkelbama was a scream. 🙂

  2. Remember when Democrats were thinking about breaking into Tea Party demonstrations and pretending they were racists. Do you think we could use some of those signs…….?

  3. CT…the thing is, to be believable; signs have to be both contextually and intellectually honest.

    On that basis, any signs no matter how egregious or benign, from a “Tea Bagger Rally” would be all to disingenuous and obviously bogus, at a “Colbert and Stewart Shindig”.

    Sorry Citizen, but that’s just ain’t fair is it…?

  4. Signs from a TEA PARTY rally definitely would be out of place at a Stewart/Colbert Rally, but “teabagger” signs wouldn’t be out of place because both Stewart and Colbert are of the teabagging sort. So teabagger signs would be appropriate at their little party.

  5. Mockery does not have to believable. It just has to contain enough truth to be funny.

    Maybe we should stage a mock JON STEWART/Coffee Party/Liberal Democrat RALLY without JON STEWART’s fans, the Coffee Party, or any Liberal Democrats. What is the point of going to their party? Who wants to participate in a messy demonstration with real whackos who throw rocks, overturn cars, and spit on the police?

    Yep! For Halloween, we can scare the kiddies by dressing up like demonstrating Democrats.

  6. I’m trying not to gag at Lowell. He’s this little cheerleader pretending that the Democrats know what they are doing. “Hey, ya’ll, everything is fine. The Titanic has enough deck chairs for everybody…”

  7. Well there yah have it…

    tmg…”signs wouldn’t be out of place because both Stewart and Colbert are of the teabagging sort.”

    Just wrong!

    CT…”Mockery does not have to believable. It just has to contain enough truth to be funny.

    Just deceptive!

    From the mouths of “babes”…!
    Talking about “babes”…did I hear correctly this morning that Christine Ohhh’ will not be entertaining or “dabbling in” or with “the press” before the November election!

    How’s that; for even a remote possibly…?

  8. Gramps – That’s funny! First you complain that mockery is deceptive. Then you talking about Christine Ohhh’ and the mightily deceptive news media. The Ohhh’, is quite deceptive and mocking. 😉

    What is deceptive is when people set up a “news organ” just to be against somebody else. Check out

  9. CT…humor is much preferable to deception…
    Mockery is not deception, it is contempt!

    ”…What is deceptive, is when people set up a “news organ” [internet site] just to be against somebody else.

    Gimme a break CT…you and I could find dozens of internet sites that are against, “this or that” at the drop of a hat…for whatever inane person, place, reason, religion or time of day, that disagrees with our absolutely, genuine, unquestionably, impeccable, point of view…Hehehe!

    We’re posting here [mostly for our own consumption and the education challenge] to our serious political views.
    Or at least I am…

    However, when any one, TV or radio news network [FAUX, ferinstance] is the only place a candidate for public office deigns appropriate to aire his or her personal or political views…that’s a real serious problem for both of us…and most importantly very disceptional and disingenuous, with respect to the rest of the ill informed and ignorant electorate, to be voting…may the saints preserve ux…

    Yes, ux!

  10. Gramps – You don’t think John Doe has contempt Jon Stewart, Barack Obama, and other Democrats?

    I suppose we should pity them and not mock them. Yet compared to what these people have done mock the religious beliefs of others and to candidates such Sarah Palin and a certain Senate candidate in Deleware, this is gentle mockery. Why do the Democrats do that? It is hard to say, but is not strange that the same Democrats go ballistic if we try to prevent Muslims from building a mosque at ground zero? Their contempt is peculiarly selective.

    I can tell you why some people mock Obama. To take their fears down a peg, these people mock what they fear. These people fear what Obama and the Democrats are doing to the country. Let’s just hope their fears remain small, and their mockery remains gentle.

  11. Golly, CT…

    ”… I can tell you why some people mock Obama. To take their fears down a peg, these people mock what they fear. These people fear what Obama and the Democrats are doing to the country. Let’s just hope their fears remain small, and their mockery remains gentle.

    That sounds like more than a threat than a promise…?

    CT…if you listen daily to AM talk radio…President Obama is the “right hand Of Satan”…incarnate

    Are you in that camp…?
    Just checkin…!

  12. We know by her own admission, Christine Ohhh…dabbled in witchcraft!
    We still checkin’ if Obama Ohhh…still checkin’…!

    Hey CT…that’s a mark..?
    Yes, xu…!

  13. aye…CT…

    Perhaps me boye… yah could check with Christine, fer the significance of xu

  14. We’re [I’m] posting here [mostly for our own [my] consumption and the educational challenges involved to our [my] serious. morally, deficient, popularly held, political views…

    Or at least I am…
    Yer call CT…

    “Breath thru the nose… very deeply into the lower diaphragm…!”

  15. So this Gramps fellow pinged my blog site twice last night about this debate. I was asleep before 10pm; having a 5 and 8 year old means my time online is limited.

    I don’t think I can be helpful here. It is hard to even follow Gramps’ comments. I take it he finds the Stewart/Colbert jokes to be offensive, and the mockery to be deceptive, or something like that. In which case he can leave this site and write his own blog, of course. Rather than trolling this one.

    After all the abuse we conservatives/libertarians have endured from the left since we became politically active, I can’t summon much worry over the left’s “anti-Restoring Honor Rally-rallies” getting mocked. I would be interested in attending, but incognito, just to get a feel for the size and general mood of the crowd. Would be an interesting comparison.

  16. Gramps is a great guy who just is an ignoramous about politics and important issues. We think it must be brain damage from Agent Orange. [Well, we HOPE it’s just brain damage and that he really isn’t stupid enough to buy all that “hope and change” bull shit!]

  17. Oh, okay. I mistook him for a troll. My bad. Carry on then!


  18. Linda is right. Gramps is troll. Of course, there are all kinds of trolls. So we would not want be prejudiced against trolls. 😉 Surely there are some nice ones.

    Gramps, I don’t make threats. Most assuredly, I cannot threaten anyone on behalf of the general public. I can only speak for myself. Nonetheless, we can observe people are fearful, and they have good reason to be afraid. Look at it this way. Whereas The American public behaves like a big sleepy dog, Obama and the Democrats behave like a bunch of selfish, nasty little children. When happens when foolish children tease a dog? Are they not likely to be bitten? What if those children think themselves smart? Instead of just kicking the dog, they kick it and chase it with sticks. When the dog just wants to be left alone, rotten children torment it at every opportunity.

    Now consider that committees are dumb, and the bigger the committee the dumber the committee. So it is that that big committee we call the American public elected Obama to be our president and gave the Democrats in Congress a solid majority. Now we have discovered to our collective horror that nasty, greedy politicians lied to us. They don’t respect our Constitution, they want to control our lives, and they seem determined to ruin our economy. In fact, they have impoverished many. What should the we do?

    When children harass a big dog, sooner or latter that dog will lose patience, and so will we. Thus, when we bar our teeth and threaten to bite, nasty, greedy politicians should pay attention, but these arrogant children have yet to do so. If they were wise, they would let sleeping dogs lie.

  19. It’s on.

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