Nice Magazine you’ve got there, Mr. Forbes…

Stolen shamelessly from Ed Driscoll’s insightful article.

be a shame if anything happened to it...

For the first time in my adult life, I’m ashamed of America.  Ashamed that America allowed one so unqualified to be elected President. Obama would be laughed out of any interview for a mid-level manager at most corporations.  He’d be laughed out of any interview as the CEO.   This one is on Republicans, too.  I expect Democrats to nominate leftist drivel to run.  But Republicans nominated a flawed candidate who never should have had a chance.  And Republicans nominated GWB not once but twice.  Some of the best people in the world are Republicans. They just won’t run for office.

I’m ashamed at what a bunch of thugs are filling the Administration.  What Nixon did secretly,  Obama is doing openly.  His Administration flaunts the law at every turn.  Don’t like a law? Just don’t enforce it. Don’t have the votes to enact immigration amnesty?  Just dismiss deportation cases.  Want to break a law? We’ve got an ap for that! Some nosey IG investigates you, our political buddy, one of our donors? We’ll fire the bastard.

I’m ashamed at how the world’s most powerful man attacks American citizens.   When they call it a bully pulpit they do not mean that it is for bullying people you moron.   

[“Okay John, end this rant and come back to bed.”  “Yes, Dear.” 4:13 a.m. E.S.T.]

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