Bill Maher is an Unscupulous Bastard

Who the hell cares what Miss O’Donnell did when she was young. We’ve all probably said or did something we wish we hadn’t. It’s called being Human.

Bill Maher is a Sorry Rat Bastard who is blackmailing Miss O’Donnell to come on his show. I believe if Maher goes through with his blackmail scheme, it will spell the end of his career, unless of course, Miss O’Donnell falls for the trick and gives him his interview.

The cancellations came after liberal comedian Bill Maher released Friday night on his HBO show, “Real Time,” an unaired clip of O’Donnell talking about her unwitting participation in witchcraft.

“I dabbled into witchcraft. I never joined a coven,” she said in 1999 during an appearance on  Maher’s old ABC show, “Politically Incorrect.” O’Donnell said she “hung around people who were doing these things. I’m not making this stuff up. I know what they told me they do.”

“One of my first dates with with a witch was on a satanic altar, and I didn’t know it,” she added. “I mean, there’s little blood there and stuff like that. We went to a movie and then had a midnight picnic on a satanic altar.”

Maher has threatened to release a clip of her every week until she agrees to an interview with him.

O’Donnell appeared on Maher’s old show 22 times as a conservative activist speaking out against abortion, homosexuality and premarital sex.

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6 responses to “Bill Maher is an Unscupulous Bastard

  1. I’d go on his show. I’d debate any liberal, anywhere. I used to be a drug using atheist hippy. I’ve stolen, lied, cheated and broken lies (which ones, I’ll never tell). Don’t care what I’ve done in the past or anybody else. I care about how they will vote.

    That said, I think she should ignore him. Just so he looks like a fool. And I wonder if laws are being broken, because he really is trying to blackmail her.

  2. Hang on Mike…if I heard Christine correctly she said…

    “I fooled around with a “Witch” on the alter where, there was a little blood”

    Does “CO” have another issue goin’ here…Witchs are female and Warlocks are male…!

    Could that revoltin’ “double jeopardy” situation be why she cancelled all news show, appearances, tomorrow…?
    Let’s hope not…!

  3. I’d say since she wasn’t practicing witchcraft, but just dated one, perhaps she didn’t know the correct gender-specific name for a male “witch”?

    At any rate, that’s not the issue. The issue is that now that she has won the primary, the MSM and the voters should be more concerned with how Miss O’Donnell stands on the pressing issues of today and how she would vote as a member of the Senate.

    Face it Gramps, the only reason the MSM and other fringe assholes like Maher are focusing on Miss O’Donnell’s past is because they have nothing left in the tank. They can’t refute her candidacy on the issues so they have to resort to these attack ads. That’s “progress” for you.


  4. Hey Mike, politics ain’t “tidily winks” it’s down and dirty warfare…

    I’m beginning to think CO, has some serious issues that just won’t go away; just like Sharon Angle…

    Run and hide just doesn’t cut it, when you’re running for high profile, public, office[s].

    Sooner or later they’ll [both] have to face the press; it’s more than fifty days to the election, that’s an eternity in politics…!

  5. How is he unscrupulous? All he suggested is showing clips of things SHE said & did of her own free will on a tv show made for public consumption.
    She may very well be okay with him showing the clips in which case she can just refuse to go on his show.

    I don’t get how it is “blackmail”. It’s not like it’s a video of her doing porn or breaking a law, it’s stuff she said in the public domain.

  6. Well Kevin, when you hold something over someone’s head to get them to do what it is you want them to do, it’s considered blackmail. You blackmail your kids all the time. ” If you don’t do your chores, you can’t go out with your friends this weekend” or ” If you wash and wax the car today, we’ll let you use it Saturday night”. These are forms of blackmail.

    Funny thin g about the progressive left…when ever someone on the left is caught doing something unlawful, which has been quite frequent of late, it’s unfair or they’re being unfairly targeted by their opponents. But if you’re a Conservative candidate, the left will dig around and bring up the rock you threw through a window when you were six years old, claim you’re a violent, warmongering schizophrenic and they will run with it until it’s tattered and worn out.

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