The Politics of Personal Destruction on Display, aka “The Nuts and Sluts Defense”

There is an old saying in the law: If the facts are against you, argue the law.  If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, yell like crazy and try to distract them. 

Quick, can anybody tell me one  ISSUE that RINOs and/or now Democrats are running on against Christine O’Donnell? Anybody? Bueller?   Bueller?

Nope. Neither can I.  It’s all “she once advocated against masturbation” [probably until she tried it], or she believes the earth is 6,000 years old [can’t blame her there–I’m skeptical of all so-called “scientists” as I’ve seen their work on global warming].  Or gets this really hot burning issue: She claimed to have graduated from college but her diploma was withheld until she paid her entire debt.  Oh, and here’s another tried and true winner: she’s not a millionaire!  But notice that nobody is taking issue with any of her stated positions?

Granted, some might argue that she has no political experience so how can they disagree with her on actual votes that she has taken?  I’ve never voted on anything, either, but I think most readers here know how I would vote on most issues.  Right Sheldon?  😉  

Her campaign has been on cutting spending in Washington.  And that resonates with the voters.  So much so that the Bearded Marxist Opponent is also touting his fiscal responsibility on his website.  His strategy? To lie and disassemble his record so that voters won’t see what a leftist he is, and to try to pass himself off as a moderate.   I call it the Obama-lite strategy, because that is what King Obama did in order to reach the presidency. 

I'm Chris Coons and I approve of this photo!


8 responses to “The Politics of Personal Destruction on Display, aka “The Nuts and Sluts Defense”

  1. You’d think it would be utterly fucking obvious that the earth is more than 6000 years old, even before the discovery of radioactive decay and nuclear fusion, but no.

  2. You’d think it would be fucking obvious that socialism doesn’t work, too, but idiot liberals don’t seem to fucking get it.

  3. Sunday morning on FAUX, Rove just put Palin’s tea bag, cajones on the line…He said.

    “She [Palin] endorsed O’Donnell, now she should go to Delaware and campaign for her!

    YOWSERR…the zingers are flyin’…Hehehe
    I’m surprised Karl is pinchin’ Sarah’s patoot, now too…!

  4. Again on FAUX News Sunday…Joe Miller Alaska’s GOP candidate for the Senate was just asked if Sarahcuda was competent to run for President and he hedged his bet…wasn’t gonna commit…!

    Beejebuss Mable…”what’s goin’ on here…?

  5. Palin…
    “Buck or stay in the truck!”
    FAUX News host…
    “Buck up and stay on the truck?”

    I know it’s hard to pay attention when yer dah host…

    I’m thinkin’ she was throwin’ down the glove to the GOP…either get onboard with the tea baggers and me… or stay in the damn truck with the rest of the GOP…

  6. For the uninitiated or greenhorns…

    In lumberjack terms…”to buck” or “to buck up” means to…”cut the wood” or “show up to do the necessary work”…
    “To sit in the truck” means to stay in the warm cab of the truck, on yer sorry fat arse, while others do the hard work…!

    Now yah all, know what she was sayin…Hehehe..!

  7. Now on CBS [where CO cancelled her scheduled appearance] Ed Rollins just echoed Rove’s earlier call on FAUX for those that endorsed O’Donnell; “…now [they should] go to Delaware and campaign enthusiastically for her or [stay in the truck]!”

    That [stay in the truck] part was only from me and Sarah. Hehehe…!

  8. Where have I been…?

    Apparently it was Krauthammer over at FOX News that initially, got behind the “O’Donnell snowball” and not Rove?

    AP over at Hot Aire, got my head on straight, damn quick!

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