Reggie Bush should not have to forfeit the Heisman Trophy

I can’t say it much better than this guy:

“It’s garbage that Reggie Bush had to give up the Heisman Trophy. If he were using performance-enhancing drugs then yes take it away, but he won the trophy on the field. He was the best player that year. He accepted gifts, yes, but he didn’t commit a crime. Guys like O.J. Simpson and Billy Cannon have spent time in prison and they still have their Heisman Trophies.”

I’d tell them to go to hell.  Come git my trophy when you pry it out of my cold dead hands.  This is just more of the plantation mentality being forced onto college players.  Shut up they say, play ball for peanuts while we the coaches and colleges get rich.  No gifts. No talking to agents.  Get hurt, permanently? Tough. Life’s a bitch.  Now where are those millions we just made off the television rights?


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