Lisa the Loser Going the Write-in Route(?)

You may recall from a couple of weeks ago how Joe Miller defeated sitting United States Senator Lisa Murkowski in the Alaska primary.  I voted for him and I’ll admit I was surprised that he actually won.  Then there was talk Murkowski would try to run on the Libertarian line (snicker).

Now, for God’s sweet sake, she is apparently going to go the write-in route.  I really didn’t think she’d do it, but in this crazy, wonderful year my formerly near-perfect record of prognostication has been shattered, battered and tattered.

I used to have some respect for the Senator but Bye-Bye Birdie.  This is the culmination of 28 years of Murkowski family entitlement.

7 responses to “Lisa the Loser Going the Write-in Route(?)

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  2. No Alaskan candidate for statewide office has won more than 27 percent in a write-in campaign; Senator Ernest Gruening’s model for potential Murkowski write-in candidacy netted just 17 percent in 1968…

    There is only one example of someone who succeeded in a senatorial write-in campaign…Strom Thurmond won 63.1 percent of the vote in South Carolina’s 1954 Senate race.

    There have been eight general election write-in campaigns for statewide office in Alaska over the past 26 election cycles dating back to 1958.

    It would appear to me, Ms Murkowski has chosen,a rather difficult road to hoe in her write-in gambit.

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  4. Gramps: In Mzzz. Murhaveacowski’s case would the proper word be ‘ho’?

  5. You know…if M & M divide the the Republican vote similar to what they did in the primary; that just might give the Democrat, Scott McAdams a chance…!

    Apparently funds and assistance have been running into his campaign, since Murkowski’s defeat…

    Might result in a broken “tea bag”…in the box.
    I hate when that happens…Hehehe!

  6. Total gender [and party?] confusion…some have said Doug Hoffman [he had Sarahcuda’s endorsement] was the original Christine O’Donnell and now he’s up to his olde tricks and tryin’ to pull a Murkowski in New York 23, again…!

    Then there’s Mike Castle, thinkin’ about pulling a Murkowski in Delaware…?

    Lisa has sure managed to mess with the minds, of a couple of lonely, GOP dudes…!

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