Fatwas, DA Investigations…WTF…Islam is Out of Control

First we had Theo Van Gogh who after making a film about Islam, was murdered after a fatwa was issued on him by Muslim clerics. Then we have Kurt Westergaard who is fearful for his life after drawing the first series of Mohammedan cartoons. Now we have Molly Norris who started a “draw Mohammad day”. She has been advised by the FBI to disappear herself.

Next we have a pastor of a very small church in Florida who decides to have a “Burn the Koran day” on the anniversary of 9/11. After much publicity and hand wringing by the main stream media and members of the current political party in power, the pastor decides to call off the book burning. But he has started a shit-storm and korans are being burned all over the country. A New Jersey transit worker tore out a page of the koran and struck a match to it and lost his job because of it. People were burning korans at their homes and sending the videos to YouTube, who was deleting them almost as fast as they were appearing.

Now we have a guy in East Lansing, Mich., who burned a koran on the steps of an Islamic community center. His identity has not been released yet, but there are calls for him to be arrested and charged for a “hate crime”. The police are investigating the incident.

What is wrong with this picture? It’s a “sacred right” for a person to burn a Christian Bible or an American flag, but it’s a “hate crime” to burn another nation’s flag or to burn a koran? Things are really upside down in this country right now. It’s got to change.

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One response to “Fatwas, DA Investigations…WTF…Islam is Out of Control

  1. Even BHO tacitly acknowledged that it was a “right” to burn it, just that it was a “bad idea” or whatever. He buys into the thinking that since the Moslems will burn something down or kill somebody over it we better respect their sensibilities. In other words, our President is half way to dhimmitude.

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