While you are reveling in Christine O’Donnell’s victory, the left is assassinating her character

The left never sleeps nor slumbers. They know this is war.  Beating the RINO and the Republican Establishment was quite an accomplishment, but here is a clue:  They are the bush league compared to the leftist animals out there.  The Establishment RINOs get all prissy and pull a little hair here, try to get in a slap there, trying to hold on to their power.  The Republican primary is like a rowdy crowd at a pre-teen girls slumber party.  The general election is when the Democrat Hell’s Angels ride up and crash the party.

They are out there in force, painting her as a kook.  And quoting that dumb fuck Karl Rove.  “Even Karl Rove says [she’s a kook, she’s a flake, she’s yada yada yada]…”

She’s already made the progressive 


Get this, she has not done anything yet and she’s on the list of “America’s Most Crooked Candidates.”  Here’s what those lying faggots at CREW had to say about her:

“Ms. O’Donnell has had no discernable [sic] job for several years, and instead has lived the life of a professional candidate, using the generosity of her campaign donors for her support,” said Melanie Sloan, CREW Executive Director. “That may just be freeloading [sic] to most people, but it’s embezzlement for a federal candidate.”

“Ms. O’Donnell has demonstrated a disturbing pattern of fraud, lies and fiscal irresponsibility. On her campaign website she claimed to have graduated from a university years before she actually received her diploma – a mere two weeks ago. [Hey stupid fuck, graduation and receiving your diploma are two different things, as I know full well myself having graduated from high school many months before I received my diploma after Dad paid my fine…]  The IRS slapped liens against her to the tune of over $11,000, and records show that she has been essentially unemployed. Rather, she has lived in her campaign office and makes a profit by renting out rooms – in clear violation of campaign finance law. Ms. O’Donnell also lied when claimed she had won two counties in her 2008 Senate race against Senator Biden and when caught, lied again claiming the two had tied.  In essences, Ms. O’Donnell has demonstrated a total disregard of ethics and integrity.” 

Then other political hacks even stoop to going on Facebook and trying to act as though this is just a non-partisan group that has no agenda.  And stupid idiots who aren’t political buy into it.  Screw you Lowell Fulk, I’m on to you and gutless punks like you everywhere.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but my blood boils at the hypocrisy of progressives.  Lying, cheating, stealing and whatever is fine, so long as it their guy doing it.  So get off your asses and engage the lying fucks out there.  [Oh, can I say lying fucks on this blog?]

That is all.


3 responses to “While you are reveling in Christine O’Donnell’s victory, the left is assassinating her character

  1. Karl walks his early comments way back…

  2. Here’s the link…

  3. He’s toast. We conservatives have long memories. The ONLY apology I would accept from him is if he admitted he’s a little faggot and was having a hormonally induced hot-flash moment when he made his rant on Hannity.

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