Christine O’Donnell’s standards are not liberal standards

First, for the record, I support her even if she sleeps around with a different man every night and cheated the I.R.S.  I am tired of Republicans shooting their candidates for minor indiscretions while for Democrat politicians major scandals are resume’ enhancers for support amongst Democrats.

Timothy Geithner is a tax cheat, but Democrats said he was too important, he was the only one with unique skills, not to become Treasury Secretary.   Christine O’Donnell had a tax lien put on her house, which is not illegal, and it was paid off.   Joe Biden cheated during his higher education.  Bill Clinton smoked pot and visited the U.S.S.R. and “loathed the military.  Christine O’Donnell had to wait several years to get her actual diploma until she paid off her bills.  [True personal story: Goodrich High School withheld my diploma because I owed money for breaking a window–my dearly departed father found out and paid the money or I never would have received an actual diploma.]   

In the past, Christine O’Donnell spoke out against masturbation.  Bill Clinton practiced the art of masturbation with a cigar and an intern.  Christine O’Donnell paid some of her rent with campaign funds, while running her H.Q. out of her residence.   Barney Frank had a brothel in his residence, and Rangel failed to declare income from his several residences. 

Christine O’Donnell erroneously claimed to have won some districts when she ran against Biden.  Bill Clinton lied under oath.  Christine O’Donnell is “kooky” for claiming that she needed to hide her true residence because of stalkers.  Hillary Clinton is a hero for standing up to the “vast right-wing conspiracy.” 

To all you liberals (and RINOs) out there using any of these claims against her, I say in advance “Fuck You” you hypocrites.  It won’t work with me.  Now, I don’t want to get too emotionally invested.  She’s an unknown quantity and might break our hearts. But she could not be anywhere near as bad as that communist P.O.S. that is her Democrat opponent.


8 responses to “Christine O’Donnell’s standards are not liberal standards

  1. Holly, molly, JD…
    Gotta give yah an [A]…fer a spunky resume.. !

    We digg deep and you ain’t even got close to this “#5 babes bottom”…
    Check “Drudges” expose…

    Humorous arse comments are not intentional…!

  2. The Republican nominee for the Delaware Senate seat fired back at Karl Rove today for what she called “un-factual” accusations about her record…

    Man oh womanoo…this ain’t good!
    Back ‘er down Karl…back ‘er down…
    Fer the sake of the Grand Olde Partee…Karl…

    Get an ‘effen life already…Karl…!

  3. But she could not be anywhere near as bad as that communist P.O.S. that is her Democrat opponent.

    Mr. Coons…?

  4. Over at the Frum Forum some wag posted…

    “Yes, it seems its over for the right — screwing the pooch when the election is handed to them on a platter

    He was commenting on Ms O’Donnells’ selection as the GOP’s candidate for…for…for…?

  5. and cheated the I.R.S.

    As far as I’m concerned, cheating the IRS gives her all-American bonus points!

  6. I still cringe whenever I support a conservative “with baggage.” Will she embarrass The Cause? Make us look dumb? Prove her critics right? Or worst of all, become part of the Establishment? Maybe.

    But I’ll guarandamntee you that the progressives/liberals/kooks on the left don’t have such worries. They have no scruples. They’ll support a rapist/serial perjuror/murderer/whateverer to ram through their agenda. I suspect many a good conservative candidate refuses to run due to the fact that they are not perfect. Well hells bells, nobody is perfect. So I say, support the best imperfect one. Yeeeeeha! It is gonna get interesting as we approach November elections!

  7. Holy shit you’re one crazy ass motherfucker! Is this comedy or what? That’s one crazy bitch you’re supporting.

  8. Hey DS…
    Do you talk at home, like you’ve taken liberty to write here…?
    Using the “Queen’s English” in that manner is more welcome over at “Ace of spades, HQ…!”

    Like check #31, #35 and #36 for starters…and just keep reading if you enjoy mindless “moron porn”…!

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