On Manning Up and Growing a Spine

Via Dan Riehl’s place, Jennifer of Cubachi points us to a very amusing article on the FL-22 Congressional race between Lt. Col Allen West and some Ruling Class dude:

“When John Paul Jones was asked to surrender, he said, ‘I have not yet begun to fight,'” West said of the Revolutionary War naval commander. “So if I were to say that to you today, then I guess tomorrow Ron Klein would say, ‘He wants to hurt me. He wants to fight me.’ So, you know, tell him to man up.”

That hit where it hurts, as far as I’m concerned.  After Sen. Jim Webb (D – VA) the list of nationally known men in the Democratic party gets mighty short, in my view.  Since I happened to be trolling around the Lefty Webosphere yesterday (so you don’t have to) I found a quote that resonated nicely:

More to the point..the left needs to grow a goddamn spine. Obviously civility doesn’t work — go forth and kick ass!

Yes, I’m sure that the dude who wrote that got a quivering-up-the-leg thrill from his tough talk, then took a nice big bong hit and felt pretty good about himself.

Let’s do a thought experiment.  What would the Left growing a “goddamn spine” actually look like?  What would be the manifestation of a Leftist goddamn spine in the real world, as opposed to the fantasy world of the Web?  The American Left constantly proclaims its abhorrence of weapons and, ultimately, testosterone.  It also has a paucity of combat veterans, if I’m any judge.  So if growing a “goddamn spine” means writing more strident blog posts kicking Obama/Reid/Pelosi’s butt, that’s probably feasible.  If it means voting in an even more leftist set of officials than we have now, in what is essentially a center-right country, it is doubtful.  If it means some kind of to-the-barricades “direct action” it’s just a goddamn joke.  In America, the Right has got the guns, baby, and the Left ain’t going to be growing the kind of spine to take that on, not in this universe.


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