O’ Donnell wins Primary in Delaware.

According to Drudge and Fox news, as well as CBS News, Christine O’ Donnell wins the Republican Primary for the Senate seat vacated by Joe “Bite Me” Biden after he became our Vice Idiot in Chief.

Already the pundits are coming out and trying to trash her victory. Now on to November. The Republican establishment is running scared, as well they should be. The Republican party has already stated that they won’t give O’ Donnell any support. I’m thinking that the establishment Republican party is cutting it’s nose off to spite it’s face.


9 responses to “O’ Donnell wins Primary in Delaware.

  1. Well Mike, what do you think happens here? Didn’t mean to step on your post but I can’t believe the shit flying around about this primary. Why do we continue to give our adversaries ammo?

  2. I’m thinking the Tea Party support as well as support from Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin will push Christine O’ Donnell to victory in November as well as other Conservative candidates.

  3. I agree, I just would think that the national party would back what should be their candidate, whether they liker her/him or not.

  4. Here yah have it Mike…

    The Azzhat has yer scenario made…
    This is… not yers…
    The true face of yer endeavor…not shown…
    May the good Lord Luv yah…
    …and may yah never go porno on yer respondents…
    Like the Azzhat… does regularly…!

  5. Mike I’m thinkin’…that ain’t yer kinda folks…?

    Olde soldier sends…
    Jimbo dah geezer…!

  6. Did the “really” cute “right wing babe”…
    Win in state of… Delaware…!

    Hugs and K$…
    Gramps sends…!

  7. Funny thing happened on the way to Washington…

    We don’t like yer druthers…under their breath…[jerkbahs…!]

    Well… we’re , just gonna to buy all you fine folks , lunch… right down here in the cafeteria…

    Lunch ain’t gonna make it olde man…!

    Shake and Bake…
    The good Lord’s gotta luv us…
    Not you…!

    Gramps sends$…!
    HI Yooouuuh!

  8. So Gramps…did you lay in a supply of that Opium laced liquor, Ouzo? Because it sure seems like you been drinkin’ or smokin’ something. Yer sentences are slurred and incoherent, kinda like you were drunk or drugged out.

  9. You know what the friggin’ problem is here? Whenever a non-political candidate does step up to run for office, they are automatically denigrated by the establishment members of their party. Much the same as people who run as third party candidates. Libertarian and Constitution party candidates come to mind. If you think about it, all the people who say ” I’d vote for the non-establishment or third party candidate except I’d be throwing my vote away”, actually voted their conscience and got behind these candidates, there’s a good chance they could win. But as long as folks keep up the negative attitude towards voting for these candidates, we’ll just keep getting more of the same old bullshit we have now.


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