Justice Stephen Breyer’s an Idiot.

Well folks, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer made an appearance on morning “trash TV”, ABC’s ” Good Morning America”. In an interview with George Stephanopoulos, where Breyer was promoting his new Book*, he said that he didn’t think burning the Koran fell under the free speech clause of the Constitution. Let me wrap my head around this…You mean to tell me Justice Breyer that burning a Bible or an American flag is considered free speech, but burning the Koran, an evil book by any stretch of the imagination is not considered free speech? What kind of law school did you go to, Caracas, Venezuela University of Law? Almost has a Chavezian ideology, don’t you think?

* Since I don’t promote Leftist literature, if you want to know the title of Breyer’s new book, go to CBS News .com

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4 responses to “Justice Stephen Breyer’s an Idiot.

  1. I read an account of the interview and I think it’s GREAT NEWS!!!

    If I followed his logic properly, all that we Patriotic Americans need to do now to get “equality” is commit loads of violence whenever one of our sacred symbols is desecrated. Burn a flag and we burn a city! Talk shit about America, say (for instance) “God damn America!” and we will blow something to smithereens! Let’s get cracking.

  2. According to Justice Breyer, it seems like he thinks the Supreme Court will be opining on the aspects of free speech as pertains to the internet in the near future. There’s more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to “net neutrality”. Just let the Supreme Court handle it. Think of the advice he gives incoming Justice Kagan;

    “Of course, you’re nervous. I mean, for quite awhile, your cases now — they’re going to be final. There’s no one to appeal to,” he said. “She will be nervous. But don’t worry about it.”


  3. What is the message that you send by burning books and flags? Only an illiterate redneck seeks to beat, burn or punch something he does not understand. If you disagree, then do something contructive and write or voice your opposition. With regard to burning Korans, it will get American tourists and soldiers killed overseas. The end result will not be what the book burner seeks.

    • So you come here, without knowing anything about me/us and throw aspersions out that we’re illiterate rednecks because we think Muslims should have the common decency to NOT build a mosque near ground zero. …nice move there “pard”.

      Lets see, American tourists and soldiers over seas are getting killed every day regardless of whether or not some “illiterate redneck decides to burn a Koran or not. So you pretty much shoot yourself in the foot with that assertion. Perhaps your sentiments would be more in line with the posters over at the Huffpo or media-lite?

      I’m just sayin’


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