Is this how it’s going to happen?

Christine O’Donnell has won the Republican primary in Delaware. Karl Rove was interviewed on Hannity, where he bad-mouthed O’Donnell, apparently she has problems. Well don’t they all?

Castle has been in DC since I was in diapers; does anyone actually believe this man even remembers what Conservative values mean?

O’Donnell is a neophyte that can’t possibly be elected. Well, we have heard that before haven’t we.

The blogosphere has been on fire lately about this race, much to my surprise, it seems it will be the determining senate seat.       

Are the Republicans going to get on board with this woman or will they shoot themselves in the face yet again? The NRSC and the Delaware Repub machine, such as it is, backed the loser. Do they now suck it up and back the nominee? Or do they follow Karl Rove, the architect of the 2006 defeat, and help the Dems retain this seat? Three months ago winning the Senate was considered a pipe dream, we banked on Hang Dog Harry being defeated in his state. Well…….Reality has now intruded hasn’t it? The pundits in the beltway have been predicting that the Palin, Tea Party will fall on its face for more than a year. That has not happened ( Lib and Elite Repub heads explode). If we are going to change DC we will have to take chances, that’s just the way it is, sorry. A Rhino like Castle is not going to get it done. It may take years, two would be good with me, I don’t think it will happen that soon. We are in a long haul fight here. and I don’t believe a geriatric DC resident is going to fight for us.

Will we back the winner in this primary no matter what we wanted to happen?

Will we push for the win?

Or will we act like the spoiled child, calling each other names and taking our toys home, not to be heard from in the general election?

Will we do the Democraps job for them, or will we unite to take back our country no matter what?

UPDATE BEFORE THE POST: Fox just reported the NRSC will NOT support or give money to O’Donnell.

Great that will get it done.

4 responses to “Is this how it’s going to happen?

  1. Nice how the NRSC wants to cut off it’s nose to spite it’s face. But could it be that with all the direct to candidate contributions, that the NRSC has no money to support any candidates?

    Just wondering, Mike

  2. Maybe, they have been bypassed with direct candidate contributions for a while now. I didn’t support Castle or O’Donnell with money or otherwise, I don’t live in Delaware and am trying to get my state people elected, but I can’t deal with not supporting the winner. I am completely sick of this “I lost to teabaggers and Palin so I am duty bound to run as and independant.” It is 100% BULLSHIT. So is this Elite Repub attitude of “Listen to us and we’ll get a new Contract for America.” God help me, but Newt and Karl Rove aren’t what we need.

    • Murkowski, Murkowski…

      Do I hear that bold…Independent, plaintiff cry…Murkowski

      …across the cold barren tundra’s of Alaska…?

  3. MURKOWSKI…….!

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