BlogCon Blues

For those of us who could not be there, John Hawkins has the photos and inside scoop. J.D.

Mary Katherine Ham via RightWingNews

2 responses to “BlogCon Blues

  1. LOTS of nice pictures of lovely conservative bloggers. I knew a couple of them 6-7 years ago, too, before they were big-time. Looking at these photos makes me a little sad I put aside blog traffic building for having a family and the down-and-dirty of real-life state politics.

    On the other hand, maybe I did get the priorities straight.

  2. By golly JD…
    I really luv how you can get right down to the very best, bottom… of a great, sporting, news, story!
    Did Sanchez live up to his huge contract…maybe next weekend?

    Neovic…On the other hand maybe you don’t have any buyer’s remorse…?


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