Obama lectures us on Islam (he should know)

The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers used his bully pulpit to lecture Americans to know our places.   Again from the NY Daily News The Won is quoted: 

“This is a time of difficulty for our country,” Obama said. “And it is often in such moments that some try to stoke bitterness – to divide us based on our differences, to blind us to what we have in common.”

So I got to thinking, hmmmm, just what do “we have in common” with Muslims?  I mean aside from the obvious fact that they are supposedly humans who require food, water and air to breath.  Do we have beheading in common with them? Do we approve of pedophilia? Do we force our women to wear veils?  (Maybe forcing ugly women to wear veils…stay focused, John.)  Do we advocate taking over countries, forcing their occupants to convert to Christianity and force an autocratic Christian-based system of governing on them? Granted, doing so would be good for them, but we don’t! Do we advocate beheading Muslims where ever they are found just because some others burned a Bible or the American flag? Let’s not forget “honor killings” and cliterectomies, and death to all who dare to become apostate! What am I missing?

Help me Oh Barack America!  This finding what we have “in common” with Muslim scum is harder than I imagined.  In fact, reading back on the short list that I’ve assembled, I’m quite proud of our differences.  Where’s Sheldon when we need him?

John Doe

4 responses to “Obama lectures us on Islam (he should know)

  1. Here I am! Hey you know, I thought I would check back and read some of your posts more carefully so I could be sure I understood you correctly. I thought to myself:
    “surely John Doe really didn’t mean to overly generalize that all Muslims do the very nasty things that some fanatical Muslim inspired Jihadi terrorists do? I mean the guys a lawyer and all, he’s gotta be smarter that that.” Then I read this post, and said to myself “oops, no he’s not!”
    Really, you are totally unhinged with vile hate. Have you ever met any real Muslims?
    Yes, some Muslims do some of those nasty things you list, but not all of them. And many of those things, or variants, are or were practiced by Christianity and or Judaism, here or there at various time and places.

    I think it would be peachy if all of humanity evolved out of religious belief and medieval practices. But for that we have to be patient. And persecuting religious minorities like Muslims here, or chalking them up to collateral damage and dehumanizing them over there, when U.S. bombs kill non-terrorists is not helping one bit.

    “Do we advocate taking over countries, forcing their occupants to convert to Christianity and force an autocratic Christian-based system of governing on them?”

    Really man, learn some history why don’t you? Look up a guy named Bartolomeo de Las Casas, a Catholic priest, and what he said his own church did in to the native peoples of the Americas in the name of Christ. Do some research on King Leopold II of Belgium and how he used Christianity to murder and steal in the Congo Africa.

    Yes Islam was spread across the globe by conquest, and so was Christianity.

  2. I never said ALL of them do them. But the ones that do, and the ones who agree with them, are just as bad. Sorry, buttwipe, but it is NOT just those who are fanatical who believe that way. The ones who believe that way BELIEVE what the Koran says. It’s the fucking Koran that is bad. Any “good” or “moderate” Mooselimbs are just not taking the Koran literally. They take it with a grain of salt. It would be like a dumbass such as you saying “well, I know it says 2 + 2 equals 4, but I don’t think it really means that–what it really means is 2+2 = 3, or 5.”

    And if that wasn’t clear, tough shit. This is a blog, not a legal dissertation.

    I don’t care where their beliefs come from. This isn’t sociology class. This is life. I don’t grade on a curve. Either you are civilized, or you ain’t. If you ain’t, I am not going to cut you some slack. And talk about over-generalizations–because many (MOST?) Muslims are cretens, you condemn all religions (in your backhanded swipe “I think it would be peachy…”). Don’t flatter yourself, moron, godlessness, atheism and agnosticizm has been around as long as mankind has been around.

    Who is talking about persecuting Muslims? NOBODY. I just am calling a spade a spade. If Muslims don’t like it, then they need to join me in condemning the sub-humans who are bringing shame down on their religion and condemn all the backwards beliefs that they have.

    Ohhhh, whine, some so-called Christians did bad things in the past? BFD. I would condemn him if I were alive back then. And hopefully some moron like you wouldn’t come along and try to interfere. Talk in the present, you little weasil. You are comparing apples to oranges. I am not responsible for what Christians did in the past. I don’t condemn Muslims for what they did in the past. I judge those who are living, for what they do (or what they believe). Look around you moron–entire COUNTRIES all believe in lock-step. Oh, yeah, there might be a few who don’t believe like the rest, but they are either a silent majority, or a minority. Me, I think those who are silent in America are silent because they are in the minority. I think if they gain a majority status we are fucked. So yeah, I don’t trust them further than I can throw them. I think that is how any sane person should believe, based on history. They have a history of lying and doing whatever it takes to conquer nations.

  3. Jeez man, can you respond without continual stringing of insults? Well I guess not, but that is more reflective of what a jackass you are, than of me. You are a waste of time.

  4. Yer going for irony with the jackass comment, right?

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