Lions win over da Bears, final 37 to 33 (my prediction)

Neither defense will be able to stop the other.  Chicago’s new offense will sputter for the first 2-3 weeks of the year before becoming highly potent later in the year.  Lions sack Cutler 5x and he throws 2 picks.  Bears move the ball on Lions D that opts for “bend don’t break;”  couple of stops will win this game.   Stafford looks like an all pro quarterback and those who only watched him last year are amazed at his progress. Lions offensive line seems as though they are channeling some other team that has a great O-line. Jahvid Best makes Lions fans begin the long process of forgetting Barry.   Megatron catches a T.D.  Lions break one of longest losing road streaks evuh.  Take the Lions and the points on the road.  Vegas bookies better not think this win is a fluke…


p.s. Here is a website where you can watch your favorite game for free (I think–It has not come on yet, but all other broadcasts are free).  You’re welcome.

13 responses to “Lions win over da Bears, final 37 to 33 (my prediction)

  1. LIONS INTERCEPT ON THE FIRST SECOND FREAKIN DRIVE OF DA BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just wet my panties.

    UPDATE: Jahvid Best SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Da Bears with four turnovers and it’s still the first half…I’m thinkin’ yer bein’ a little generous to Chicago!

    Mr. Best, fer a 199 pounder is one helllva runner…!

  3. Stafford just took one helluva hit on his right shoulder…Ouch!

  4. I. Fucking. HATE. Football.

  5. Do ya really?…My panthers are down to the damn Giants. How’s that for Hating. Football.

  6. The Lions were robbed…!

  7. That was pure and simple a fucking steal. Somebody bet enough on the bears to get the refs to steal it for them. Pure. And. Simple.

  8. JD…
    There was an equally “good decision” in the AZ/STL game later… as compared to the lousy decision in the C/L game…earlier.

    Dang me, two knees down, in possession, ball placed on the ground in-hand and then flipped out of bounds…

    What’s the holy grail…hand must be under the ball when placed on the ground…?

  9. Da Bears won, but I don’t know what was the rationale behind that decision not to accept the Lions’ TD. Looked good to me. And I’m a Bears fan.

    BTW…I gotta question for you. I like your “Recent Comments” WordPress plug-in/widget. Would you mind telling me where you got that particular plug-in? 🙂

  10. Where the hell have I been…?
    Used to be…ground couldn’t cause a fumble in pro football…when did they change that rule…?

    My attention span must have kicked into a rather dimmished state…
    I gotta pay more attention to “sports, talk radio” and not so much to the the “right, wing nut, yakkers on radio and TV…”

  11. Don’t yah just luv it when “pretty boye” Romo gets his arse skunked at half time…!
    10 zipp Redskins at halftime…

    I’m thinkin’ the Eagles are wishin they had McNabb, back…?

  12. 1389 A.D., WordPress has a bunch of widgets that any WordPress blog can just plug in. It is found by clicking on “Dashboard” then click on “Appearances,” and “Widgets” is at the top of the list. Click on that and “Recent Posts” is found by scrolling down “available widgets”. Then you just left click and drag the “Recent Posts” over to the area where you want it (“primary widget area”, “secondary widget area” etc.).

    Now, if you don’t have WordPress as blog host, I can’t help you. The way it is set up, I can’t really see how to block and past the code for the widget, as it isn’t visible. For that I would probably do a google search…

    Hope dis halps.

    For the record, I thought the bears looked a lot better than I thought they would. Being a Lions fan, we had Martz before, and the first couple of games were terrible, but then he made a bunch of losers (Kitna, etc) look like allstars. Guess da Bears got it out of them in pre-season. Or the Lions really are a shitty defense… 😦

  13. Now, that you didn’t ask……

    When Does Donovan McNabb Play the Philadelphia Eagles?
    The Redksins will play in Philadelphia on October 3, 2010 at 4:15 PM ET. …

    Gotta wonder if the Big Boye,/b>will be watchin that one?

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