Koran-Burning Inflames Twisted-Panties

Note the breathless prose of those brave “reporters” from the New York Daily News as they boldly condemn the Muslim fanatics who burn our flag and vow to kill Americans for burning the Koran.  No, wait, sorry.  Here’s what they wrote instead: 

 “A hate-filled fanatic ripped pages out of a Koran and lit them aflame Saturday amid the chaos outside the planned community center and mosque near Ground Zero.”

“‘If they can burn American flags, I can burn the Koran,” the unidentified zealot shouted. “[Americans] should never be afraid to give their opinion.'”

[Here the hit piece went on to pick out selected quotes from the crowd who agreed with the reporters views.]


Ummm, this passes for “reporting?”  Even I don’t stoop to such extreme lows and try to pass off pure speculation with actual reporting:   “A hate-filled fanatic”?  How do the reporters know what motivated him? Could be Patriotism.  Or love of the First Amendment’s guarantee of Freedom of Speech? Maybe he is just an attention seeker.  Maybe he’s attempting Death By Cop Koran Burning.  It does not logically follow that one who burns a Koran is “hate filled.”  Actually, it is a very hateful and disgusting and vile book that motivates hateful and vile people to do very hateful and vile things.  Like cutting off heads from living persons. Like buggering little boys. Like stoning and caning women for minor “offenses.” 

9/11 Ground Zero Mosque Protesters (Atlas Shrugs)

But our brave, intrepid reporters from the NY Daily News don’t called Muslims hateful zealots! Oh, no! That might earn them some enmity from true zealots who might actually take offense and attempt to cause them great bodily harm.

So as long as we are speculating on the motives of actors based purely upon their actions, without any actual insight into what the person believes or what motivated them, how about we just label the co-authors of the article fucking cowards?  Too afraid of offending some goat-herder immigrant from Bumfuckistan to say anything negative about the Koran, which is one of the worst influences in the world.  Imagine the millions who would never have been killed violently had that evil book never been written…

John “Burn Baby Burn” Doe

One response to “Koran-Burning Inflames Twisted-Panties

  1. I concur with your article one hundred percent.
    The Koran deserves to be burned.
    If the jihadis had their way, they would burn US, as they did on 9-11.

    THAT is what offends ME.

    Keep up the good work on your blog.

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