Why do I love thee NFL football?

I love reading about it leading up to the draft/season/games. Satisfaction, 50%.  Half of that satisfaction is picking the guy that I wanted the Lions to draft and seeing the Lions move up and get him (Jahvid Best).  Another quarter is reveling in what a great job Martin Mayhew and the rest of the Lions brass are finally doing (hey, I’ve lived through former G.M.s Russ Thomas and Matt Millen).

Another large portion of satisfaction (say 25%) comes from pre-season.  Who makes the cut? Do we keep that third left guard or that second fullback who is so promising?

About 5-10% of the satisfaction comes from the actual game (about 1% in seasons past for Lions fans).  Okay, the comraderie is great when you aren’t watching the Lions alone with all the shades drawn.  Or when you are watching any other game. 

And the rest of the satisfaction comes from being correct when you pick a winner (any other game) or when the Lions actually win a freaking game (2x in the past two years 😦  )

But when Lions win on Sunday, the WORLD IS BRIGHT AND GAY! Then 100% of my satisfaction comes from the game…

Perhaps this should be entitled “Why do I still LOVE thee Detroit Lions?”


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