To my [2-3] loyal readers this should come as no surprise: I don’t believe in no wimpy Christ. This rant was set off by the rubbish spewed in this article “Why I think burning Korans isn’t such a great idea” from Doubleplusundead.  In a nutshell: Bull Shit.

W.W.J.D.  today towards those scum sucking pigs who bomb, behead and bugger? Would he sit back and be kind, and be gracious, and be timid? If you think that, you don’t know the Bible like I know the Bible. 

He would be in their face, telling them what godless heathen they are.  What scum-sucking pigs they are. How of the devil their false religion is.  He made a whip and drove out the money changers. His harshest criticism was of those who considered themselves the most religious (the Pharisees and the Sadducees).  I can’t imagine him sitting back and allowing the world to believe that Islam is equal to Christianity is equal to godlessness…

Mock Keith Matthews Interview:

K.M.: So, Jesus–can I call you Jesus? What do you think about the Islamists?

J.C. : Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess…

K.M. : So you think Christianity is superior to Islam? What about all the great things that Moslems did back in, oh, I dunno, 8oo A.D.?

J.C.: I am the Way and the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father except through me…

K.M.: So what you are saying is that Christianity is the only one true religion? What about all the good Scientologists, the great Buddhists, the wonderful adherents of “The Religion of Peace”? And what about all those good atheists and agnostics?  [Here he sneers, as though his point of view is so far superior to all others that the answers to his questions will be self-evident.]  Shouldn’t you be out turning the other cheek or something? Aren’t you supposed to love your enemies?  What kind of quack thinks he is the Son of God and goes around telling religions that have been around for centuries that they aren’t just as good as Christianity? Aren’t you supposed to be humble? 

J.C. : Mohammed was no profit.  Allah is a God invented by a goatherder who had an inordinate amount of affection for little boys.  My sheep know my name and follow me…

[Some cross-talk here]

K. M.: …Aren’t you just the son of a carpenter?  Is it true that you were conceived before your parents were married? And aren’t you just a thirty-three year old virgin? You must be gay–not that there is anything wrong with that!  Are  you gay, Mr. J. Christ? Never mind: Coming up next.  The Ground Zero Mosque: Is that any different than a Church outside of Auschwitz? And later, “why do Christians believe that theirs is the only one true religion when there are so many other great religions?” We’ll be right back…

[Cut to a commercial]


5 responses to “NO WIMPY CHRIST

  1. No more moral relativism. No more passing off a psychopathic, expansionistic, totalitarian enemy political ideology as a religion. Islam is incapable of reform. It is utterly and irredemably evil. It is unworthy of existence. It must be fought at every turn.

  2. What are you kidding me? There is no bigger moral relativism than the moral relativism of far right Christians patriots who think all the killing the U.S. does is just fine, righteous and moral, and the killing that the “others” do (Muslims, Communists, Vietnamese Japanese etc.) is the only evil killing.

  3. Ohhhh, looky, atheist boy throwing around big terms. You wouldn’t know what Christians thought and why if your life depended on it. And even if you did, you would try to misrepresent what they believed. Did you Daddykins and/or your widdle professor tell you that U.S.A. BAD, the rest of the scum filled earth GOOD? And you still believe that crap?

  4. JD, sorry you don’t speak for all Christians. I specifically narrowed down the scope to “far right Christians patriots.”
    Maybe you ought to try it sometime when you speak about Muslims. But your prefer to be stereotyping hater, don’t you?

    And none of my “professors” really had much to do with anything I think about in politics. My father was a preacher in a very apolitical Christian religious sect, and I went to college late and was a leftist before I went. So I guess I am self-taught.

  5. Okay, self taught boy, what do “far right Christian patriots” believe? [If you claim to know, you are full of shit. their beliefs are as diverse as most other points of view, but since you are trying to generalize, I’ll play along.]

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