Burn a Koran Part III

How long until those liberals who oppose a flag burning Amendment support a ban on burning the Koran?

The reports of all the copy-cat burners of the Koran make my heart proud. This is America.  We protest because we can.  We put up with kooks, because we can.  If we don’t like it, we don’t behead them.  If you don’t like it and try to behead them, we will kill you. 

U-tube is reportedly being barraged by new videos of the Koran being burnt, and is taking them off as fast as they appear.  Here is the only one I could find. Get it while it is still available.

Inside Barry O’s head (The Alleged Hawiian), as he grits his teef: “They are burning the Holy Koran!  I want to behead them. No, Barry, you can’t let America see how much this pisses you off!  Listen to your agnostic mother on this one.  It’s no big deal!  Yes it is!  I want them dead!”

How could someone make this more offensive?  Bacon wrapped fried Koran?  Dog piss fired Koran? Get a naked apostate Muslim woman to burn it?   All ideas are welcome!

14 responses to “Burn a Koran Part III

  1. A few years back I watched one of guys machine-gunning the Koran. Well, maybe it was an AR-15. There was a minor flap at the time, nothing like the recent one.

    The slow-motion replay was pretty cool. I will look around and see if I can find it. I think the guys had hosted it on their own site because You-tube took it down.

  2. Just to be clear to you liberal whiners out there who misconstrue EVERYTHING, I am not prejudiced against other religions. I have no problems with the GOOD ones, such as Jews, Buddhists, Mormans, etc., hell, even with atheists and agnostics [sorry if I left you GOOD religion out].

    I HAVE A PROBLEM with BAD religions. Islamists are the shits. Whatever religion the Japs were (Taoists?) sucked, too, before America beat it out of them. Scientology apparently sucks a little too, but not enough to come onto my radar. You liberals don’t like the fact that I am able to distinguish between good and bad, better and best, go suck a donkey. I don’t care.

  3. Heard on Rush Limbaugh: A caller pointed out that if the kook who is threatening to burn the koran had applied to the National Endowment for the Arts he might have received a grant. All he had to do was call it “art.” Immerse the Koran in a jar of piss and call it “Piss Koran.” “Art!” Burn it and call it “Charcoaled Koran.” “Art”! Just don’t say you are doing it to bring attention to what assholes all the Muslim extremists are! Bad!

  4. Recycle the Koran into paper plates and fill them up with some of that good southern BBQed Pork Butt.

  5. JD…
    Did yah start “sippin” early today, whilst listening to Rush…?

    Yeah the “Big Boye” was makin’ every excuse in the book for Reverend Jones’s retrograde maneuver…

    Sayin’… The FBI paid him a visit yesterday, to inform him…

    they couldn’t provide 24/7/365 protection for his insane Christian outreach to embrace the Muslim religion…[my paraphrase of BB]


  6. ”…The story of how one lone idiot, pimping an 18th-century brand of community terrorism, held the media hostage and forced some of this nation’s most powerful people to their knees to fitfully beg an end to his wackdoodlery is an extraordinary one. It’s a modern media retelling of Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying”, in which a gang of Islamaphobes, cast in the role of Addie Bundren, bamboozle the media into carrying their coffin full of malevolence on a journey of pure debasement. Let’s begin at the beginning.


    Two questions I have, here…JD…
    Iffen yah go south of the 45th parallel, does the year ‘round higher natural temperature” cause yer “gray matter” to turn into “oatmeal”…and

    Second question…
    Will AGW [anthropogenic global warming]…result in all us northern sane persons goin’ the same damn, sorry, route…


  7. Actually, it’s the colder weather that doesn’t allow your brain synapses to function as well or as fast as they need to. This condition is also exacerbated by quantious consumption of alcohol. You might want to re-think the wodka Gramps amd move to a warmer climate…might I suggest southern Arizona? 😉


    • Hey tmg…

      How long would it take fer me and the Ms… to establish residence…so as she and me, could vote fer J.D. Hayworth in the November election, this year?

  8. Hmmm…seein’ as how I don’t live in Arizona, I couldn’t tell you. But I would imagine that for voting purposes, it’s one year, unless yer a leftist demoncrat in which case, it’s whenever you get across the border.

  9. Beejeebus…tmg…
    Are you the only soldat on guard, tonight..?

    Hey that’s cozy…
    I’m at azimuth 270…elevation 47…
    Fire For Effect…!

    BTW: I was rather partial to some of yer “beer” choices…

  10. Dang me…
    Range 175…!

  11. Whazzat…you mean Bischoff Pilsner or St. Paulie Girl? Or fer wine, how ’bout Zeller Schwartzkatz,( from the cellar of the black cat), me and a couple of buddies at the Ramstein Air Base NCO club, ten bottles between us, kicked out at closing, couldn’t find a cab and had to walk back to our barracks, then get ready for duty at 0500 hrs. Me riding,( curled up in the fetal position) in the back of the military transport,( ’72 AMC Matador station wagon), and one of those little German deer jumped into the side of the car about 3 klicks from our radar site right at the town limits of Bann. You know what a pain in the ass it is to report a deer carcass to the Forestmeister? First, you have to find the Burghermeister,( Mayor). Then you have to explain what happened and hope the sumbitch understands English and doesn’t decide to levy a large fine on you. And don’t get me started on what happens if you’re driving around a blind curve and run over a farmer’s cow or three in a 4×4 Dodge Crewcab. DAMHIKT


  12. I’ll have to make a note… Bischoff Pilsner or St. Paulie Girl…I think I can get “Paulie Girl” at my local “Burnstad’s Grocery” in SW, Wisconsin?

    Well hell… hey Mike…at least yah could ride…
    Flyboy hey…

    Only in that damn sorry, God forsaken, primitive, jungle, Deutschland …?
    Tough duty…ridin’ back curled up in a ( ’72 AMC Matador station wagon)

    Gotta luv yah Mike…
    Gotta luv yah…

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