This gets me aroused

Jim Swartz,  coach of the Super Bowl winning Detroit Lions (2012) famously said that what gets him aroused is watching highlight films of Jahvid Best.  Me too, Jim. [background in Best highlights nsfw]

“Some people watch adult videos on their computer. I go to YouTube and watch Jahvid Best highlight clips. That’s what gets me aroused.”

But this gets me aroused even more (slightly, with apologies to rookie of the year Jahvid):

“I feel a breeze, whew, it’s in my knees, whew, it’s in the trees, whew, it’s in the air, whew, it’s in my hair, whew, it’s EVERYWHERE…”

h/t Hot Air

John Doe

4 responses to “This gets me aroused


  2. How about politics in play, JD…

  3. There’s an amino acid supplement that will git ‘er up fer yah JD…

  4. Doesn’t work quite the same way for me, Gramps. Everybody has something that floats their boat, Jahvid’s running and Christie’s (hopefully) running to Pres in 2012 does it for me.

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