Michele Carey (with apolgies to John Doe)

My friend Jamie of the excellent Eye of Polyphemus has been reviewing all the episodes of the classic television show Wild, Wild West.

Today’s review featured Michele Carey, who appeared on the show a couple of times and who’s career apparently peaked a few years later.  Alas, because as Jamie says “The smokey voiced beauty is quite alluring.”  I know John Doe has reservations about pics of women who are now old enough to be our grandmas, but just for a moment let’s imagine we’re back in 1969, 12-year-old boys watching Jim and Artie and the lady as she was then:

Or maybe this:

Or, possibly:


3 responses to “Michele Carey (with apolgies to John Doe)

  1. Ah yes, the Wild, Wild West, I remember it well. It was required family viewing when we were kids. The beauties that were co-stars on that show.

    Liked it so much, went out and bought the whole series, including the first year or so when they were still B&W.

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  3. Remember Michele Carey from Wild Wild West and Gunsmoke and El Dorado (with John Wayne) — Her beauty was rarely matched and never exceeded !!!!!

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