Koran-Burning redux

Okay, the pastor in charge is a kook with a tiny flock.  Yet the media is fixated on him as though he is representative of all Christians.  All good Christians are expected to denounce his actions.  Politicians and right-wing radio announcers have to or be skewered as kooks.  But notice you don’t see them denouncing the Muslims for their reactions world-wide?  No denunciations for the Muslim threats to kill Americans because some other Americans burned their precious pedophile promoting pap?

These people sub-humans, these Muslims, are fucking nuts. Hey, I could at least understand the logic of attacking the person who burned what you mistakenly thought to be a holy book. But kill others who just happened to be members of the same country? Makes perfect sense only to sub-human animals.

I’m almost to the point of hoping the kook does not back down.  Let him smoke out these sub-humans, where ever they are.  Sometimes to have to stick a burning rag into a hornets nest if you want to kill ’em.  You can’t co-exist with animals like this.  They are like rabid pit bulls–the least little thing might set them off. Find all those bastards.  Religious tolerance my ass.  Those who would do such a thing are the enemy of us all. Put them down. 

Because you know if this kook pastor does not actually go through with it, somebody else will.  America is filled with kooks and attention whores who will do almost anything. Then you and I are going to be held responsible for their actions, like it or not. 

If I’m going to be held responsible by these sub-humans for what other kooky Americans may or may not do, then by God, I want to go on the offensive.  I don’t want to sit around worrying that some goat herder in Bumfuckistan is going to be trying to kill me or other Americans.  That kook down in Florida is not the enemy. He’s a gnat on the ass of an elephant.  The Muslim scum who want to kill Americans because what he may or may not do are our enemies. 

Any Muslim who disagrees with my logic is also the enemy.  Can I get a show of hands from all you Muslims out there?  I like to know who my enemy is ahead of time. 

XXOOXX to all you “moderate” Muslims out there.  😉

John Doe

UPDATE:  He he. Pretty bad when kooky koran burner to be is made to look bad by Muslim Imam.  Perhaps we have found one of those moderate Islamists? But I still maintain that we may never know for sure until a Koran or two gets burned.  

From Yahoo News: “Jones met privately in the church Wednesday with the president of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, Imam Muhammad Musri, who afterward described their discussion as cordial and polite. At an interfaith news conference Tuesday in Washington, religious leaders said some have tried unsuccessfully behind the scenes to reach out to Jones and stop him.”

“I’m hoping and praying they’ll change his mind and express his views in a different fashion that is more appropriate,” Musri said. “I believe our hearts are in the hands of God, and God can change his heart.”

6 responses to “Koran-Burning redux

  1. There’s such a big deal been made of this spectacle now, that Pastor Jones just about has to go through with it. Because if he doesn’t, there will be a “victory mosque” built right across the street from his church starting next week.

  2. “Okay, the pastor in charge is a kook with a tiny flock. Yet the media is fixated on him as though he is representative of all Christians. ”

    Oh poppycock! Everybody in this country know that he is not representative of all, or even many Christians, and the media is not portraying him that way. Why don’t you put your own persecution complex away?

    And to call “Muslims sub-human”. Jeez man, a plague on both of your houses!

  3. Oh, I suppose cutting off people’s heads, stoning them, buggering little boys, and threatening to kill any American cuz one or two other Americans burned a koran or two is HUMAN? Get your head out the back end of your ailimentary canal.

  4. Ummm, if you haven’t noticed, that is exactly what actual humans do to other humans. Kill them and dehumanize them for dubious reasons. Everybody participates and you love it. At least be honest with yourself. Your are complicit.

    But in fact I think it is now the U.S. Govt. that does the killing at cowardly distance as some drone operator carries out bombings of civilians like its a video game.

  5. “At some cowardly distance”–hey, brain-cell-damaged Boy: the object ain’t to be brave, it is to kill the dumb bastards. And if you are too stupid to tell the difference between right and wrong, and between good and evil, that is your problem, and your mommy’s (you know anybody that stupid still lives at home).

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