Koran-burning in Florida

Some thoughts on an otherwise Meh view of the entire topic:

1. Why can’t liberals work up this much outrage when the damn camel humping pedophile Mooselimbs burn our American flag? 

2.  Who cares whether Mooselimbs like it or not?  Matter of fact, anything that pisses them off, I’m in favor of doing it even more!

3.  GIs might be killed if the Koran is burned? You mean those guys that are trying to kill our GIs don’t already hate us and aren’t really trying their damnedest to kill our GIs?  [By the way, it appears that Google has made it difficult to find photos of what they did to the corpses of soldiers that they killed.]

4.  I love seeing liberals’ panties twisted in knots almost as much as I love pissing off Mooselimbs.  Liberals all are rushing to condemn the burnings, and falling all over themselves with who can use the most condemnatory language:  The burnings are (in no particular order) “outrageous, idiotic, dangerous, disgraceful, disrespectful, distasteful, extremely unwise, and funnier than shit.”  [Okay, I made that last one up!]  I haven’t seen liberals feigning this much outrage since Kahlid Sheik Mohammed got waterboarded!

5.  Let’s be smart about this issue:  Is burning the Koran (the vile book that supposedly endorses honor killings, female genital mutilation, pedophilia, beheadings and other bullshit that civilized societies stopped doing centuries ago–if they ever did those things) the right thing to do? By that I mean is this the most effective way to destroy every damn one of those vile books.  Does the amount of heat gained during the fire offset the pollution? Is this the most cost-effective way to destroy them?  Perhaps we should just shred them and let PETA use them to line dog cages just before they euthanize them.  Or maybe Charmin can recycle the paper so that every American can get a chance to wipe his or her ass with the Koran.  Damn, I better rush out and patent this one!

Cue up the whiney liberal twisted knicker condemnations of this post in 3-2-1, go!

John Doe (Saying the things that you agree with but can’t admit to publicly!)

UPDATE: Hillbuzz is asking similar questions about liberals on this issue, but, as usual, in a more civilized manner than here when John Doe handles a topic. 

“Islam is the Scientology of its day, with Muhammad its L. Ron Hubbard, if Scientologists hated and abused women, persecuted and beheaded gays, and sought to crush freedom and liberty worldwide and enslave all people into dhimmihood.

“All this being said, in the subtle way we do things around here, the Koran should not be burned more than any other book should ever be burned.

“We believe it should be recycled as toilet paper, frankly, because that’s what we think of its worth to the world…but book burnings are something that need to be relegated to the dust heap of history, along with the rest of the Leni Reifenstahl trappings of Nuremburg rallies (Godwin’s Law alert!).”

[by John Doe: Damn it, somebody else thought of my recycling Koran idea!]

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