Hartford City Counsel to begin with Muslim Prayers

Certified, Grade A, non-Mooselimb!

That idiots infest city counsels in New England is of no interest to me.  Although I wonder if they make sure that the Imams refrain from ending “In Jesus’ name, Amen?” 

What is of interest to me is of what substance  the local Imams’ prayers might consist of on such occasions?  “Dear Allah, thank you that these Amelican dogs are so stupid that they help us infest Amelica until we become a majority and force Sharia Law down their ugly Amelican dog throats!  We can’t wait until we can behead those in Amelica who convert to some other religion!  Amelika would be so much nicer with more camels and sheep! And some of those little white boys sure are cute!  Allah be praised for stonings and honor killings and female genital mutilation!

Oh, yes, and please Allah, allow your humble servants to have the nerve to strap on a bomb under our tunics before we attend the next city council meeting! Or at least give us the courage to smuggle our latest gift from Barack Hussein Obama into the meeting to behead those useful idiots! Allah akbar!”


John Doe

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