The Darker Side of Unions

Not just the corrupt leadership now a days, but the communist infiltrators back when unions were vitally needed in this country.  I am proud of the fact that my grandfather was a part of the sit-down strike of 1936-1937 that took over Fisher Body No. 1 in Flint for forty-four days (I was born and raised within ten miles of there).  But here is a story that everybody should know–I’m +fifty and I’ve never heard it before–about the darker side of unionism.  It was infiltrated by commies back in the years leading up to WWII.   Don’t believe me, believe the Communist Party leader, Benjamin Gitlow.

John Doe

9 responses to “The Darker Side of Unions

  1. Commies also infiltrated the State Department, Hollywood and the Manhattan Project, for goodness’ sake.

    Joe McCarthy was right! (In general).

    By the way, your second link goes to the same page as the first, I think you probably meant a different link.

  2. Commies also infiltrated our education system as well as some of our churches.

  3. I also should mention that in FDR’s term, he appointed a commie Supreme Court Justice.

  4. NV23…yer really, wastin’…
    Yer very valuable organizational, time here… Sir!
    Unless yer just “funnin” us… “fer olde timessake”……it don’t matter herte…!
    Olde geezer’s…sends…

    It don’t matter NeoVic…

    What the who JDee…
    Yer sever doesn’t like ISP address…?

    How many websites do you control, JDee…?

    • John Dewey in Education and the Reverend Walter Rauschenbusch in the churches spreading the communist philosophy of “social justice”, or as we know it today, “spreading the wealth”.

      The Supreme Court Justice was Justice Felix Frankfurter. At the time, FDR tried to load the court with other justices of Frankfurter’s ilk. And he succeeded almost. There were two other leftists on FDR’s court that served up to and including JFK’s term as President. Justice William Douglas and Justice Hugo Black. We can thank these three justices for the Supreme Court rulings which reduced states rights, as well as the stricter interpretation of the interstate commerce clause.

      I’m just sayin’…and I’ll leave you with the plan for world domination from a famous commie, Lenin. Summarized and paraphrased, Lenin’s plan stated;

      “First, we will take Eastern Europe, then the masses of Asia, then we will encircle the United States which will be the last bastion of capitalism. We will not have to attack. It will fall like an overripe fruit into our hands.”

      The above quote taken from ” None Dared Call It Treason” by John A. Stormer

  5. Gramps–really, I wasn’t funnin’. Alger Hiss, Ring Lardner, Jr. Klaus Fuchs, respectively. One example in each of the three areas I cite. There were some great American labor leaders who helped get the Commies out of the unions, especially after WW II. I mean, sir, it’s just a fact that the Soviet Union tried to infiltrate every loving thing they could in the USA. They lost the struggle, thank God, but not for lack of activity.

  6. blockquote>They lost the struggle, thank God, but not for lack of activity.

    But Sir…
    …Not for the lack of a true Jungian, belief…will you allow me that, very small, boon, Sir…?

  7. Gimme a break Mikey…
    The commies are passé…the Mussies are active’…
    Eh yah…

    Heads down…Jerkbahs…
    Damn I hate when some bumb arse soldat keeps his head up…
    Under FIRE…!

    • Just givin’ you a history lesson Gramps. It’s all there…look it up. Alger Hiss, communist and close personal friend of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. Alger Hiss was the U.S. representative to the founding of the UN…imagine that! Lauchlin Currie, special assistant to the President, FDR, Communist…dammit…another friggin commie.

      And I’m gonna burst yer bubble here..Edward R. Murrow, the “great” newscaster, if not an avowed Communist, was at the very least a commie sympathizer. As were Chet Brinkley and Howard K. Smith. I reckon we know now where the MSM got it’s liberal bias from.

      It’s all there Gramps…you just gotta turn over a few stones and you’ll find all kinds of worms.


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