Do NOT fall for Hillary’s act

You know when Hillary starts to appear as a centrist compared to Obama that you need to make sure your wallet is safe and watch your back.  She is cut from the same ideological cloth as  him.  They could be identical twins if she had a fro and he gained 10 20 50 lbs.  

“John,” you say, “come on, she’s such a hawk.  All the generals love her.  She’s tough on, um, something or other, compared to Obama.”

  Nope. Ask yourself, would she have appointed the twin idiots to the Supreme Court? Yup. In a heartbeat. Would she have opposed the Porkulus spending, or Hillary ObamaCare or cap and tax?  If you say yes, if you even think yes, I’m going to have to track you down and bitch-slap you. I’ll make you look at naked pictures of Gramps as penance. The answer is no, NO, 100x NOOOOO.  There isn’t a nickles worth of difference between them.

The rats are gonna start deserting the sinking ship. Hillary’s band of long knives will come out and turn on The Obamster.  She’s gonna start positioning herself to run to his right.  Traditionally, that is the surest way to lose the Democrat nomination.  But maybe she figures she has nothing to lose, being an old hag and all.  Maybe she figures the sane, adult Democrats will revolt and actually turn out to vote during the primaries.  Maybe she figures that the idiots who vote in the Democrat primaries will realize that America will never elect another avowed leftist.   Or maybe she’s got a Vince Foster/Ron Brown Surprise planned just being prepared in case Obama decides to not seek a second term.   Whatever.  Do not trust the bitch.


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