Official “October Surprise” Contest!!!!!!!!!!

You can win big prizes HERE! Act NOW!!

We all know that the Democrat Party is in trouble. Their ship is taking on water at an alarming rate. Rats are deserting the party faster than Tiger’s sponsors dropped him.  You know it is coming, I know it is coming: an “October Surprise!”  As night follows day, as April showers bring May flowers, and as corruption follows political power, the Dems are going to spring at least one dirty trick to try to retain power.   

So, we are taking Jim Geraghty’s advice, via Ed Driscoll: “Hold a contest to see who comes up with the most creative suggestion for what the Dems might do.” [h/t Doug Ross]

Some lame examples to get the creative juices flowing.  The Dems need our help!

$$$$$$ Leak a porn video of Sarah Palin and John McCain  in flagrante delicto

$ Produce anonymous sources to claim that Marco Rubio wants to marry his gay lover! No, non-issue.  How about that Marco Rubio wants to raise your taxes!  

$ Photoshop KKK members into the crowd of the Glen Beck rally.  [No, wait, I think that ones been tried already.] 

$$$ Have the president lob a cruise missile into an aspirin factory. [No, wait, ditto…]

$ Increase the terrorism threat to Code Red. [Okay, so I am not very original.]

$$$$ Claim to have caught the illusive Osama bin Laden (Ed Driscoll’s/Jim Geraghty’s idea).   Better yet, claim to have caught the imposter who was only a Hollywood actor that was paid by Bush-Cheney to pretend to be a national terrorist [I think Fidel Castro gets credit for this idea]. 

$$$$$ Have the president invoke his new power to take over and shut down the entire internet for the entire month leading up to the election! 

$$$$$$$$ Drop the 101st airborne into Maricopa County and arrest Sheriff Joe. 

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Issue a presidential decree that homosexual marriage is completely legal in the entire United States and territories, and that all illegal immigrants are not only legal but entitled to three votes each in the November elections. 

You get the picture.  Gramps will judge which of your brilliant ideas to pass along to the powers that be within the Democrap party.  Winner will ultimately judged by which of our suggestions actually get acted upon by one or more of the desperate vermin now infesting the soon to be ex-majority party in the U.S. House and Senate.  Prizes will include a ride on Gramp’s moped, an autographed picture of Lipton T. Bagg, one of Mike’s wooden creations, and/or a night on the town buying drinks for John Doe. 

Act now, the deadline is any time between now and the November elections.

John Doe


10 responses to “Official “October Surprise” Contest!!!!!!!!!!

  1. An autographed picture of LTB or a ride on my, Kawasaki 1250cc would be fun…would I have to wear clothes or anything?

    I’m not so sure… about gettin’ one of Mike’s, woodies, or buyin’ drinks all night for a professional, like yer ownself…?

    Great idea for a contest like that; though…and yes I agree there’s a whole lot of good dirt to be dug out there…!

  2. You mean 12.50 ccs doncha Gramps? And what, no ideas? An experienced senior citizen such as yourself has probably seen all the old tricks, and invented many of them, too!

    Here’s more ideas:

    $$$ Have the union thugs start planting nooses outside the DNC and the Congressional Black Caucus offices.

    negative $$$$ Have a “peace summit” at the white house. No, sorry, that is being done.

    $ have another explosion, and another, on oil wells in the gulf.

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Forgive everybody’s mortgage and buy them a new car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. We’re gonna see an extensive push, for additional incentives for small business, next week…

    Unfortunately the GOP has just such an incentive bill tied up, under threat of filibuster, in the Senate, right now.

    The real surprise would be; for the Republicans to allow this sort of assistance to proceed right now…not after November 2nd…

    If the present obnoxious, minority continues to impede such legislation; my hope is the President has an excellent plan to “hang the albatross” where it belongs, around the necks of the recalcitrant Republicans…before the election!

  4. White House staffers will clean out the Smithsonian’s attic, find and produce a translation of heretofore undiscovered quatrain by Nostradamus.

    “In the fourth year of the Great Defiler the baboon shall smite the elephant and restore property to the land”

    What they won’t produce is the rest of the quatrain

    “in advance of the apocalypse”

  5. Gramps, if the bill is so wonderfulllllllll, why didn’t the Dems do it a long time ago, while they had a filibuster proof majority? G@D DAMN IT WILL YOU QUIT BEING SUCH A MINDLESS PARTISAN? Open your eyes, man. Somebody as cool as you are just has to quit mindlessly parroting the liberal party line. Try thinking for yourself! You want to incentivize small business? Cut their taxes. Cut the bull crapping paper work that they have to put up with. Quit socializing our country. Quit enacting more and more onerous legislation, and roll back existing same. Not temporarily, permanently.

    You would have a LOT more credibility if you weren’t so partisan. I slam GOPers quite often. I veer off the “conservative party line” on occasion. Why? Because I think for myself instead of just agreeing with what Rush or Hannity or the GOP tell me to do. Just ONCE I’d like to hear you have an opinion that is not straight out of HuffPoKos daily casting.

    p.s. I know, this is a joke, right? You are a real conservative who just is parodying what a typical librul would say. Right?…

    • Well, how about this JD…on another of yer posts I stated…

      What dah who…? Except for my fine Senator, Russ Feingold; the Democrats didn’t have the cajones to challenge the utterly foolish and unwarranted spending on the war in Iraq. Democratic opposition [there was only one] …yah can’t kid a kidder, CT…!

      Gimme ah break JD…except for Senator Feingold, all the Democrats were complicit in an historical exercise of humongous economic, human and political stupidity…The War in Iraq…!
      I do not lie.

      Am I off the ranch, JD…?

  6. Personally, I think Gramps has mixed the wodka a little too “liberally” with the progie kool aide. 😉

  7. And Gramps…what’s wrong with one of my “woodies”?, huh???

    • Mike…
      JD said “one of your wooden creations”…?

      I wasn’t certain if that was one of yer carvings [which would be a great prize!] or something chemically induced by the ingestion of pills…like El Rushbo imports, up-country, on his personal aircraft, from Puerto Rico…!

      If I won a great contest, like JD proposes…
      I wouldn’t like to be watchin’ my backside; whilst I was enjoyin’ the fruits of my creative mind…if yah know what I mean…?

      Just a totally disgustin’ thought , Mike.

  8. You know I wuz talkin’ ’bout one of my wooden creations, right? 😉

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