Dear Karl Rove: Alaska is Not PINK!

I respect Karl Rove as one of the greatest political campaigners of the last 50 years, but I was shocked, shocked to see this linked on his weekly email:

Karl, Joe Miller’s victory in the Alaska U.S. Senate primary did not “move[s] the Last Frontier from solidly Republican to leaning GOP.”  Joe Miller will be the winner in November, unless a meteorite strikes his pickup truck as he tours the state.

Meanwhile, Miller supporter Sarah Palin was smeared with a bunch of “anonymously sourced” cowshit by a smarmy little impotent buttboy worm of a hack writer from some smarmy little magazine that that other buttboy writes for (no links for the lot of ’em.  You know who I mean).

Palin was reported to be considering her options.


4 responses to “Dear Karl Rove: Alaska is Not PINK!

  1. Sure she weren’t aiming at a journolist? 😉

  2. How do you know NeoVic…

    As a military, combat leader Ms. Palin would be a total failure…she deserted her last position…as the Governor and the leader of the great, State of Alaska…

    She has projected her elevated newsy, political, profile… with respect to Senator McCain’s run for President to enrich her ownself…as a hard. rightwing, political Republican, gadfly, drama queen much like, Michelle Bachmann…

    Both of these dear, ladies who in their infinite, cuteness…capture the hearts and minds of conservative, “know nothing[s]” when it comes to anything outside or inside of common sense…

    Can you actually, imagine one of these women, being… President[s] of the United States of America…

    Saint’s preserve us…
    So help us God…

    Olde soldier sends…!

  3. How do you stop prejudice, like this…?

    The 11 Most Surprising Banned Books (PHOTOS, POLL)

    I actually fought, for four years in Vietnam fer these “arsehole, philestines”…

  4. Soooo, Gramps, it was alright for Barack Obama to desert his post as Senator of Illinois? It was even okay for Palin to “desert” her post as Governor of Alaska if she was elected VP, but not okay for her to resign because fucking liberal vermin were filing bogus ethics charges against her non-stop? Or just because she wanted to? I don’t see you bitching about Hitlery resigning her Senate seat. If it is okay for others to resign for any reason, it is okay for Palin to resign.

    And look where your liberal “reasoning” puts you. You can’t imagine having Palin as the Commander in Chief, yet you and other liberal idiots have promoted Nancy Pelosi as third in line to be the Commander in Chief. You and other idiots elected that nancy boy B. Hussein to be Commander in Chief. Pelosi, who wants to investigate where the money is coming from for those who oppose the ground zero mosque, is two heartbeats away from the presidency.

    You are such a phoney. You don’t oppose Palin for a principled reason, you just do it because that’s popular with all the other liberals. For God’s sake man grow a brain and start using it, instead of just parroting what they tell you on HuffingtonPost.

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