Let’s Just Chill a Bit About the Alaska Senate Primary

Friends like The Other McCain, Dan Riehl and Bob Belvedere have been somewhat exercised over the possibility of strange happenings as we head into the tabulation of ballots tomorrow (I think Bob was joking, though).

It might be comforting to hear from someone who is (almost literally) next door to the Alaska Division of Elections. That is, me.

I  have been  observing to the elections process here, in various capacities, for the last 10 years. There is ALMOST no room for any shenanigans when the count of absentee, questioned and early ballots goes down tomorrow. In the realm of the human there is always some room, I suppose. But unlike Washington or Minnesota, where a few boxes of ballots can always be found for the Democrat, Alaska does not have a political hack in charge of elections, nor will there be any new votes “discovered” after the count tomorrow.  There will still be some days for additional absentees to trickle in, but they won’t be from the graveyards.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Murkowski picks up enough votes to trigger an automatic hand recount, but whoever wins that will be the legitimate winner, in my mind. NRSC lawyers or any other outside “consultants” will have zero, I repeat, zero impact on the results of the voting here.

That being said, let’s chill with Brooklyn Decker.  I understand she was involved in some “swimsuit issue”, but really, does anyone looking at this believe it had something to do with swimming?


6 responses to “Let’s Just Chill a Bit About the Alaska Senate Primary

  1. That is comforting. No, not looking at Brooklyn Decker’s crack–that’s stimulating. I mean your confidence in the situation. Butt, er, I mean but, you can understand our trepidation. Democrats routinely try to steal elections, and are successful 99.9% of the time–Bush v. Gore being the exception. If unscrupulous people steal elections, and the NRSC is infested with some unsrupulous people, well, you can see from whence our distrust flows. Personally, I don’t think Pubs are smart enough to steal elections, but I’ll still breathe easier when Murkowski is swimming with the libertarians, or better yet, off the ballot.

  2. JD–You are right that history across the country shows that stealing elections happens. I do fear the small, but real possibility of this one being dragged out by the Murkowksi camp in a recount process. I estimate she’s going to gain some votes tomorrow, and if it is really close after that absentees can still trickle in for some time. But even if the difference is razor thin and we go to an automatic recount (+- .5%) every single ballot will be scrutinized and validated by people that I have reason to believe are honest.

    Funny story–I marked my ballot for Miller honestly believing he wasn’t going to win, but that it would be closer than most people thought. I too will be relieved when it’s over and we can concentrate on November. Joe Miller is looking like a kick-ass Senator.

  3. You voted once!!? Only ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!???

    Where is your civic pride? You sense of duty? Your patriotism??? This is America we are fighting to defend. What about your grandfather? Your grandmother? Surely you know somebody who is dead or too old to vote that you could pass yourself off as!!!? It’s the Democratic, er, I mean, the Amurican way.

  4. I said I marked my ballot. I came back later and noticed that only 27% of the people on the rolls had voted, so I helped improve citizen participation by just a little bit. Technically, these weren’t my ballots. 🙂

  5. I’m sayin’…it’s, just a small hitch in her get-a-long…

    No Third-Party Option for Murkowski…


    The difficult we do routinely…the impossible, a little bit later…!

    Gramps sends all the very best…!

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