Obama’s First Term: The Left Wonders What Went Wrong

Awww, the poor dears are pondering their navels in a desperate attempt to figure out what happened to Obama’s popularity.  His approval rating is down in the gutter just a year and a half since his inauguration, when he had approval ratings of over 80% (you suckers, and you know who you are).

Michael Tomasky’s blog wonders what went wrong. Before I tell him the truth, ponder his idiotic attempts to figure it out.  Don’t worry–the Obama Administration and the left in general would not believe the truth if it bit them on the ass, and even if they believed it, they would never act on it, because, well, you will just have to read on to discover why.  So I can spill the beans to them and they still won’t alter course and regain his popularity.

Tomasky’s ideas of the possible causes of Obama’s popularity going into the shitter, and I paraphrase some:

Campaigning is easier than governing.  [My take: It’s easy to lie about what you are going to do once elected, but once elected you can’t lie about it anymore.  He was lying about a lot of things.  Transparency my ass.]

They were overwhelmed by events.”  [Oh, the poor dears.  So was Bush by 9/11 and by Hurricane Katrina, and then by two wars.   Deal with it. Oh, wait, Obama is an incompetent boob, an empty suit.  He is not able to deal with life in general.] 

They did not expect the partisan onslaught.” [First, it is not as though this is something new and unexpected.  The Bush II and the Clinton years were epic in their partisanship.  But oh, the big bad Right is attacking Obama for no reason whatsoever.  Not.  Some of us can remember recent history.  Obama had near historic levels of levels of approval when he began to govern.  The right was powerless to stop him, had lost its voice, and was grimly preparing to bend over, here it comes again.  The attacks increased only slowly, as Obama blundered left and right and slowly showed that he was an incompetent socialist who mistreats our allies and bows to our enemies.  The “partisan attacks” are aimed at his terrible policies and his imperial manner of governing against the popular will of the people.  Part of Bill Clinton’s  genius–after his health care and “don’t ask don’t tell” debacles–was that he polled issues to discover what the will of the people was and then got out and lead on those issues.  Sure, he had no principles, but he was popular.]

It’s about the personnel.  [Sheesh, I’m embarrassed for the writer. That’s just stupid. Yeah, maybe if Obama had the same staff that got  him elected  he would have the same popularity as when he ran.]

“It’s Obama himself.” [Again, I’d cringe if I was that stupid.  This Tomasky fellow still believes that Obama is qualified to be President. I think he is just still in denial.]

Maybe they did not run such a great campaign after all.   [Damn, I’m starting to think Tomasky is a moron.  He thinks because Obama ran a good campaign, that somehow qualifies him to be a good President?  I remember Obama making a similar point when asked about his qualifications,  he said something to the effect that he had executive experience running his campaign.  Ouch.  That’s almost room temperature I.Q. thinking.  Sorry, the campaign is irrelevant.]

And that was it. That was all the ideas he could come up with as to what Obama was doing to have such terrible approval ratings after so little time governing.  Some of his pathetic readers came up with other, equally silly ideas.  He was too conservative. He pissed off Big Labor.  This is natural to every President at this point in his first term.  It’s the economy so it’s not his fault. They did not do enough when they had a 60 Senate seat majority–I nearly coughed my Cheerios out my nose at that one. He refused to take the lead (e.g., on the healthcare issue) and was too even-handed in criticizing both parties.  [Heh, I want some of those drugs that person must be smoking.]  They didn’t pull the plug on HCR.  Then another said, no, pulling the plug would be a disaster (see Bill Clinton’s first term).  And on and on the silly little clueless readers went. 

Now here are the real reasons why Obama’s popularity is down.  Americans were duped into supporting him.  Simply put, he is a fraud.  He ran as a moderate. America was sick of the Bush years. He got 95% of the black vote in the primaries (now that is real raaaaacism).  He almost won almost by default because McCain was such a pathetic opponent. But he won.

And once he was elected, Americans wanted to support him.  A huge collective sigh of relief went out: that America was not racist; that Americans would elect the best man if he happened to be black;  that the Bush years were over.   But now that he is in office Americans see him for what he is, and we don’t like what we see.  He is not a moderate.  Some of us tried to tell everybody that he is a radical leftist, but before the election nobody believed us–well, except leftists who heard his dog whistle.  With the exception of foreign policy, every move he makes is leftward (and/or corruptward, to coin a phrase).  Well, when he isn’t out golfing. 

He surrounds himself with leftist kooks.  When Hillary Clinton is the furthest to the right of your Cabinet members and advisors, you are out there.    He appoints leftist kooks to the Supreme Court. He bows and scrapes to our enemies.   He rams legislation through that is opposed by huge majorities of Americans.

He took “I won” as a mandate.  But he never ran on being a hard-left socialist. He tried to pass himself off as a moderate.  If he tried to govern as a moderate, he might be less popular with the leftists now, but he would be much more popular with the rest of America.  Demographics are against him. Only 20% of Americans self-identify themselves as liberals.  But he is continually pandering to that 20%.  Doing so is bound to anger the other 80%.  

The reason Americans rate his job approval rating so low is because he is governing as a liberal.  All he would have to do is tack to the right a wee bit. I’m not saying that he should become a RINO or anywhere near it. Just move more towards the center, as he did during the general election. 

But he won’t do it.  One, at his very core he is a committed hard-leftist.  Two, he is a know-it-all.  He truly believes that the rest of us are just too damned stupid to know what is best for us.  He’s The Messiah, and he’s here to save us.  Shhhhh.  Don’t wake him up.  2012 will be here before you know it, and this one term flop will be gone.  Buh bye!

John Doe

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  1. Thanks Darth Venomous for the link and the kind words. Man-love in your direction.

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