The Most Liberating Words: “I Don’t Care”

When former RNC Chairman and 2004 Bush campaign chairman Ken Mehlman announced this week that he is “gay” there was a scramble to analyze why The World as We Know It didn’t end:  Because we’re in a fiscal crisis says the NY Times;  Gerson at WaPo, a broader shift in attitudes; and we already knew, for gosh sake.

Even better, this reminded me of something more global that has made my life better, so I thought I’d share it:

I.  Don’t.  Care.

I don’t care if Ken Mehlman gets hot looking at pictures of Tom Cruise.  I don’t care if Tom Cruise gets hot looking at pictures of Ken Mehlman.  I don’t care if the guy in the next cubicle over is gay, bi, LGBTUB40, or completely asexual as long as he kicks into the coffee fund on schedule.

I don’t care who Jennifer Anniston is screwing.  No, I really, REALLY don’t care who any celebrity is screwing.  I don’t care what drugs what’s-her-name the former Disneykid is doing.  I don’t care about the nationality of the children actors adopt, nor their political opinions, nor their scientific conclusions about global warming.  I don’t care about Michelle Obama’s wardrobe.  I don’t care whether the Obamas adopted a fucking rescue dog or bought a $4,000 purebred whose brothers and sisters were all culled.

I don’t care about your therapy, your astrology or your fucking feng shui.  I don’t care if my chicken dinner died happy.  I don’t care if your ancestors got screwed over if it was more than one generation ago, if less, go to court.  I don’t care about professional soccer, tennis or the WNBA.

I don’t care about the percentage of Palestinians or Pakistanis who have a “favorable” impression of the U. S. A. in opinion polls.  I don’t care what university your degree is from or what kind of car Daddy bought for you.

I really, really don’t care about your feelings or your good intentions.

Not caring about the unimportant is a prescription for a happy life!

For the record, I’m not “gay” and I wouldn’t mind having a go or three with Jennifer Anniston, if I wasn’t married.

(Image courtesy of Eye of Polyphemus)


3 responses to “The Most Liberating Words: “I Don’t Care”

  1. After many many minutes I noticed that she is wearing a wrist watch.

  2. JD…
    I work in-country, even fer lawyers…

    Always fly “first class” or like John Madden, prefer “over nite trains”…
    Don’t ask me why…!

  3. “I don’t care about professional soccer, tennis or the WNBA.

    I rather partial to the WPGA and the Green Bay Packers…
    Actually watched part of the World Cup, play and pretend to be interested in the grand kids, soccer games…

    But that’s just me…

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