The Government can use GPS to track your movements

The government can sneak onto your property at night and install a GPS tracking unit onto your car, and follow your every move with it.  Can violent reaction be far behind? Or are we become such a nation of sheep that we just accept it?  The. Government. Is. Out. Of. Control.

Surprise, surprise.  Adam Cohen, a Time magazine reporter got it exactly wrong when he prefaced this quote by the dissenting judge:

“Judge Kozinski is a leading conservative, appointed by President Ronald Reagan, but in his dissent he came across as a raging liberal. “There’s been much talk about diversity on the bench, but there’s one kind of diversity that doesn’t exist,” he wrote. “No truly poor people are appointed as federal judges, or as state judges for that matter.” The judges in the majority, he charged, were guilty of “cultural elitism.”

Wrong, you moron.  Conservatives support the Constitution.  This is a blataaaant violation of the Constitution. It’s the liberals and “progressives” and squishy moderates who piss on the Constitution and encourage judges to make it say whatever the hell they want it to be.  To say that a person does not have an expectation of privacy that the government will not sneak onto his property at night and hide a GPS tracking system under his vehicle is ludicrous. It should make every red-blooded American quiver with rage. 

This ruling does not just apply to those suspected of growing marijuana, this applies to anybody.  No restrictions. No warrants. Could be just because the government agent dislikes you.  And our God Damned Government investigates people like Sheriff Joe A. for doing the job of policing illegals that the Feds won’t do.  And now they are trying to outlaw lead bullets without even passing it as a new law.  Guess all those us gun nuts who went out and stocked up on guns and ammo after The Stupid Fucker was elected weren’t so nutty after all. 

The Federal Government is out of control. 

John Doe

4 responses to “The Government can use GPS to track your movements

  1. JDee…did you see me slinkin’ around yer F150 last nite…?

    SWMBO, is gonna keep a close reign on yer nocturnal activities from now on… and I thought I was paranoid…Hehehe…!

  2. Mon apologies JD…
    …but she’s gonna have yah by the short hairs, from now on, olde boy…!

  3. The Most Reversed Circuit does it again! The Supreme Court will overturn this…and if not, “violent reaction” is a sane response, dammit.

  4. JD…
    I’m hopin’ you appreciate the generous comity of my two posts, above…?
    I normally charge 300 greenbacks, large per hour, plus travel expenses for a backgrounder like above…

    Hell man…now yer, yer very own, three letter acronym agency…
    Gramps sends all the very best…

    You’re now privy to the same

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