Why We Blog, NeoVictorian Edition

One of the most beautiful woman in the history of the World:

Ava Gardner

She doesn't need an itty-bitty bikini to knock me out


6 responses to “Why We Blog, NeoVictorian Edition

  1. Does anybody else have this problem? I can’t look at a picture of a hot chick when I know she is a grandmother now, or worse–dead–without feeling “ewwww, I’m oogling a woman who is a shriveled up prune or worse.” Same with photos underage chicks, even if the girl is a grown up now. Just. Doesn’t. Feel. Right.

    She was hawt though…Just wondering if anybody else has similar thoughts/feelings.

  2. Interesting, I guess I never thought of it quite like that. I like a lot of the old stars from a purely aesthetic point of view. As in what they were at that moment, not considering what came later…I even like looking at pictures of Jane Fonda in a Barbarella costume, though I have written in the past that she should have been shoved in a dungeon for treason.

  3. I never thought of it that way either John, but I have to say, even though Ava would be old enough to be my grandmother she was indeed beautiful. I have a life long admiration for the beauty of Sophia Loren, does that make me a bad guy? If it does………well I’ll live with it. Great choice Neo-Victorian.

  4. I always had the hots for Natalie Wood.

  5. Great choice, she had all of it. Hawt and class, what about Raquel? Neo-Victorian mentioned Jane Fonda not bad, but I always tend toward the curvacious myself.

  6. Ava was an absolute CLASS ACT.

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