The Election of Recovery

Why, oh why haven’t we conservatives and GOP in particular clobbered the Obama Administration more for its ill-conceived hopey-changey phrase “The Summer of Recovery!!?” 

As Karl Rove writes in the WSJ: 

Honey, I Shrunk My Approval Ratings

The White House is having a disastrous ‘summer of recovery.’

“In what will rank as one of the all-time presidential PR disasters, we’re now well over half way through what the White House called “the summer of recovery.” And what a recovery it’s been.”

“Earlier this month, first-time claims for unemployment hit a nine-month high. The unemployment rate remains at 9.5% and 18.4% of workers are out of a job, can only get part-time work, or have given up looking for a job altogether. Sales of existing homes dropped 27% from June to July, hitting the lowest point since data were first collected in 1999. The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index fell to 50.4 in July, continuing a slide that started in February. And the stock market is down 11% from its peak in April.”

 “All of this has helped shatter public confidence in the president. In early May, Mr. Obama’s approval on the economy in the YouGov/Polimetrix poll was 42%. By mid-August, it was 35%—a frightening number for Democrats less than 70 days from a midterm election. According to this week’s Reuters poll, 72% are “very” worried about jobs and 67% “very concerned” about government spending.”
So true, Mr. Rove.

A quick google search of “the summer of recovery” finds 1,220,000 results in 0.32 seconds.*  Granted, some of those hits are recent snarky attacks by Pubs and conservatives such as this post, but I’d bet big bucks that most of them were put out into the blogosphere by Dems and their lackeys in the libkookosphere as they tried to paint the picture of a wonderful recovery brought about by their ill-conceived and terrible “stimulus bill.”  

This “summer of recovery” is worse than Bush’s war(s).  Remember, many Dems as well as a vast majority of Americans supported invading Iraq and Afghanistan.  Dems voted in support of attacking.  Dems own this summer of non-recovery.  No Pubs voted for it, only two RINOs, and a turn-coat, if memory serves me correctly.    The porkulus bill and the “summer of recovery” should be hung around Obama, Pelosi and Reid and the other mindless hacks in the majority party’s necks like a millstone.  Bush is gone. The Pubs were powerless to stop them. And Americans regret electing them. The Election of Recovery cometh soon. 

John Doe

*He he–I seem to have invented a phrase that has never been used before, at least according to google.  I love it when I have an original thought.  Only happens about 1x a decade.]

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