Ben Quayle

Dunno if he will do a good job, but he sure talks a good game…

3 responses to “Ben Quayle

  1. It would appear he’s not quite as, light in his loafers as his Daddy was…

    Why in the world does the GOP pick such ditto heads’ [or is it dimbulb, peas in a pod] as Vice Presidents…Agnew, Quayle and Palin come to mind…

    Makes one wonder; if he’s as adroit at spelling as he is at speaking…
    Like father, like son…?

    That would not be a good thing…!

  2. Gramps slurps up the liberal soup. Slurp. Quayle dumb. Slurp. How funny. Slurp. He said he visited 57 states. Slurp. He bowed to foreign dictators–what a dumby–slurp. He he. He is the first “clean, articulate black man”! Slurp, slurp. He’s gonna save the world with a huge porkulus spending plan that will keep unemployment below 7, er 8, er 9, no WAIT below 10, I mean 11 per cent! And old druggies who lost their brains decades ago fully support him. No, wait, I must have been talking about somebody else. My bad. Resume sippin whisky.

  3. водка…

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