Why we blog!

Sometimes, you don’t need a reason.  We just post pictures of beautiful women because we can!

J.D.  [don’t try this at home kids!]

8 responses to “Why we blog!

  1. Dammit…I need to figure out how to add pictures to my posts. he he.

  2. Mike (Mike?), it’s extremely simple.

    For this exercise, “(” will equal “” (greater-than sign).

    The syntax is as follows:

    (img src=”http://theURLofyourpicturehere.com/thenameofyourpicturehere.fileextension” width=”a number here” height=”another number here”)

    Now. Assuming that all fits and doesn’t get cropped, use that as a template. Remember to substitute less-than and greater-than signs where appropriate.

    C’mon over to http://www.spatulacitybbs.net should you have any questions.

  3. Aaaah, I was afraid it’d do that.

    Substitute the less-than sign for “(” and the greater-than sign for “)” in the above. That should get you there.

  4. Mike, when you are doing a post, there are various icons above the post. At the top left of those icons it says “upload/insert.” To the right of those words is an icon looks sorta like a blank picture. Hover your mouse over that and it says “add an image”; left click on that icon.

    A new screen appears. If the photo is in your computer, click on the “select files” button that is dead square in the middle of the screen. From there, you just find the photo in your computer (can’t help you there–mine are stored in “my photos”). Then just double click on the photo you want . The next screen gives several options. You can caption the photo, you can place it on the left or right, etc. and change the size. Once you have options set, just click “insert into post” down at bottom left.

    If you just found the photo on line and want to insert it, again click on the icon that says “add an image” (same button as before that is to the right of “Upload/Insert”). Again, that takes you to a new screen, but this time you need to change screens again. At the top left it shows that the screen you are in is “From Computer”; you need to left click on “from URL” which is directly to the right of “From Computer.” Now, just block and paste the entire http:// address of the photo that you want to insert into the line that says “image URL”. Once that is inserted , again adjust side and add caption if desired. Then click on “link to image.” If the site allows you to link to the image, a green check mark will appear to right of “Image URL” ; if so, then just click the “insert into post” button at the bottom and voila, you are done. If a red x appears, it means the site does not allow you to share their pictures, and you have to try a different site. “Simple” as that.

    Darth’s way might be easier but I haven’t figured his out yet. I know my way works with our bloghost’s program…

  5. Now that I read his comment again, Cap, it occurs to me that I need new glasses. (grin)

    If Mike’s wanting to add pics to his posts here, then by all means let your s’ware do the work for him. My method is just the geek in me emerging; what it is amounts to just basic HTML, is all.

  6. Thanks Darth and John. I finally figured it out and posted some pics to my blog.


  7. next try video–very similar

  8. Been doing you-tube videos.

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