The Other McCain’s OTHER instant classic how to blog

OMG he’s gone and did it agin.  R Stacy at “The Other McCain” has a new article that is guarandamnteed to become a classic must read for all aspiring bloggers: “How to do an awesome blog post.” I predict that it will go on to be linked to nearly as often as his first must read (and must link to in homage to Smitty linking to yas), “How to get a million hits on your blog in less than a year.” You (and me), an ass-spiring blogger.  But about what? And how?  We can’t all waste our lives working for the Washington Times learning how to actually write. 

Here is the lead in to this must read post: 

“Begin with an introductory sentence that ends with a link to your inspiration:  

“There will always be a fringe, living in its own private madhouse, that will never accept truth regardless of how it is presented.” 

“As night follows day, the link is followed by a blockquote selection from the inspiration. Here, you have several options. You can just end it with some quick snark, or go on an extended rant.” 

Stacy be the one on the left 

As someone is alleged to have replied when Vince Lombardi began the season with, “Gentlemen, this is a football,” I say, “Not so fast, Coach!”  A couple of suggestions for the esteemed and greatly admired Mr. T.O. McCain.  First, how do you get those grayed in areas around your block quotes? Is that something that only your web host allows, but WordPress does not? And those big bold headlines? I don’t even know how to create those.  Perhaps Mr. McCain should do a blogging for dummies series?  

This is NOT Stacy McCain


Second, and more importantly, shouldn’t there be a general rule that almost every post contain a picture of a hot babe?  We are young and impressionable bloggers out here.  If you were to say the word, the internet would almost instantaneously be prettied up.  I know, I know, I’m the type who always ate candy and skipped my meals.  I’m the type who drinks beer because I can, when I want.  But really, pretty girls spice up almost every article.  

John Doe

2 responses to “The Other McCain’s OTHER instant classic how to blog

  1. Headlines: Try the strong /strong HTML code at the start and end of your headline text.

    Blockquote shading: It depends on what your template can do. Check your settings for color backgrounds.

    The above are just some quick suggestions. If they don;’ help, let me know and I’ll set up a dummy blog with the Coraline theme and see what I can find out for you.

  2. Especially when she’s looking at us 🙂

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