The GZ Mosque is a POLITICAL ACT not Religious freedom

The Elites in the MSM and the halls of power have been berating all who disagree with the location of the Cordoba mosque, cultural center, whatever, as bigots. We want to end religious freedom for those that we disagree with. Well not to put to fine a point on it but, I disagree.

This is not about religion, the building of this mosque so close to the gaping crater that was once the symbol and center of American capitalism is a POLITICAL ACT, nothing more and certainly nothing less. To attempt to paint it as anything else is ridiculous and an insult to all sensible people who take the time to pay attention.

But they are “building bridges” reaching out across faiths to “promote tolerance and understanding”. Please, spare me. As many have said; reasonable people would have noticed the wide-spread resistance to this and decided those aims would be better pursued at a different site. No this about sending a message, a political message.

Islam is being used by every government in the Middle East as a vehicle to keep their citizens under the thumb of the government. Whether it is the nominal democracies of Egypt and now Turkey, the benevolent Kings in Saudi Arabia and Jordan, or the supposedly “elected” despots of Syria and Iran all have this in common. Either outright or by deceptive means they fan the flames of the zealots through rhetoric or quiet financial support. It is a card trick, a sleight of hand, to distract their populations into forgetting they have no freedom, no rights beyond the laws of sharia granted by their prophet. And is not the prophet good? Doesn’t he want his “people” to prosper? Are they not the chosen?  If only the message would spread to the hedonistic west they would be rewarded. Thus distracted the people turn their resentment at the condition of their lives outward, Towards us.

This is how dictators and monarchs keep the populations in check. They tell their citizens they don’t need a voice in their government. Look at what that has done to the Americans.

The message of the Mosque at Ground Zero is aimed squarely at the Jihadist. The Imam backing this will never say so in the west but his intentions are to inspire them. Does anyone seriously believe this Mosque being built while there is still a hole two blocks away is not the clear political statement that the Islamist will is stronger than ours? Islam as a religion may have a theology, a concept of heaven and hell and how one gets into either. It is also a powerful political tool, powerhungry men in several countries are wrapping their desire to end our way of life in a religious garb.  

It is not religious it is political. War is always a political act.

They believe we will give in. They believe we will tire of the struggle, whether it is on the battlefield, attacking civilians here in the United States, at the negotiating table (where the demands constantly shift), or through symbols and propaganda. That some in our government and media will be their “useful idiots” plays right into their hands. The Jihadists think we are fools that will conspire at our own demise.

We will not.


3 responses to “The GZ Mosque is a POLITICAL ACT not Religious freedom

  1. You hit the nail on the head. It’s not about religion at all. What it’s about is common sense and the progressive left’s lack thereof. It’s about common decency and the lack of it in the progressive left as well as the so called ‘moderate Muslims’. It’s about Islam thumbing their noses at Conservative Americans.

    But with all the construction workers in NYC refusing to work on it, I reckon they’ll have to import workers from that foreign country, Chicago. I’m sure Chicagoites don’t have any common decency and will be glad to work on it. Look who they vote for.

  2. Thanks….I don’t think the “hardhats” in NYC will move on finger to help with this garbage. I just hope they get as shitty as they can be with “scab labor”. It would be a sight to see. Wouldn’t fuck with those guys when they’re pissed.

  3. The US lawmakers and politicians preach ‘tolerance’ on this subject but how tolerant is Islam to non-believers in their Mohammed? There is absoluletly 100% non-intolerance!! I believe there are a lot of un-answered questions about the 911 disaster but building a danged mosque 2 blocks away from Ground Zero is ludicrous in my opinion and to invoke the 1st ammendment and the founding fathers of America in order to sell this to the general public is both insulting and slanderous in my opinion. Common sense should prevail here and sensitivity to the people of New York. I blame it on the US government, they really are dispicable…. Nancy Pelosi is calling on an investigation on those Americans who oppose it and a list of protesters who will take to the streets. I think your government seems to be at the heights of its hypocrisy with this latest wet towel in the eye of the people.

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