Anniversary of an Outrage

Althouse points out the 40th anniversary of the bombing of Sterling Hall on the campus of the University of Wisconsin:

The blast killed UW research assistant Robert Fassnacht, leaving a wife and three children without their father. Several other persons also working in the building at around 3:45 a.m., the time of the blast, were injured.

Yes, there were hundreds of bombings from the late 1960s through the 70s in the United States, and not by Muslims (yet), but mostly by piece-of-shit little rich boys and girls who had imbibed the cocktail of drugs, collectivism and violence mixed by “academics” from Marx to Marcuse.  The bombings, and the many other incidents of violence during that era, were an outrage in and of themselves.  Just as much of an outrage were the subsequent careers of the facilitators and perpetrators of murder and destruction.

Let me be clear:  Bombers who kill should be executed.  All of them, not just Tim McVeigh.  Were any of the bombers and killers of the 1960s and 70s executed?  Not that I can find.

Instead, they were made professors at out finest Universities.

They became respected community leaders and friends of politicians.  Let me be clear again:  These people should have been executed.  Instead, they are teaching our children. That is the outrage that followed outrage.

No moral country that allows the facilitators of the murder of judges and law enforcement personnel to instruct their young will long survive as such.  It will instead be morphed into something completely different, alien and stinking of death.  Have we come to supinely accept the fact that our schools and universities are infested with these aging “revolutionaries”?

As individuals, we can’t change this overnight, but check into the instructors and professors of your local institutions, not just for old SDS comrades but for the next generation that they’ve wrought.  Read what they’ve written, find what they’ve done and call them out, call them out.  Perhaps all we can do is shine a light on these people, but they need to know someone is watching, they need to hear from someone decent, “I know who you are.  And you disgust me.”


3 responses to “Anniversary of an Outrage

  1. Saw a Che t-shirt the other day, you know the one, except it had scope crosshairs on his head. College kid wearing it. Makes me smile even now.

  2. Bravo–winning hearts and minds one at a time…maybe I should post one of those pictures the Bolivians took of Che after he caught a few bullets. He didn’t look so romantic, I can tell ya.

  3. Post it! Che was scum….until more young people understand he was a backshooting masochist he will be worshipped. The man ran away, not towards the sound of the guns.

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