So, the Ground Zero Mosque is about freedom of religion to the Left?

I am all about freedom of religion, but, it struck me as odd that the Left would be championing the Ground Zero Mosque on those grounds. Warner Todd Huston agrees and looks into the Left’s conveniently timed support of freedom of religion.

As the left falls all over itself to claim that building the Ground Zero Mega-Mosque is the perfect chance to “showcase” our “Constitutional freedoms” and our religious tolerance, there is another state where religious tolerance is not as noticeably on display as it is for New York’s Muslims. Naturally, in Vermont, it is the religious freedom of Christians being denied. To be sure, the Old Media is not nearly as interested in this story. Richard and Joan Downing own a hilltop property in Lyndonville, Vermont and on that property they’ve built a family chapel where they host weekly Catholic services for all. Next to the chapel they have also erected a 24-foot-tall cross called the Cross of Dozulé, a cross that the State of Vermont is insisting that they remove. (Visit The Chapel of the Holy Family website)

How does the State of Vermont justify its demands that the family pull down the cross? Vermont officials are citing environmental regulations that give it the power to determine what sort of construction violates the “aesthetics” of Vermont’s scenery.

OK, so I will expect that any second now, the same Leftists screeching about freedom of religion will be all over this case in Vermont! Any second now I tell ya, yep, they are bound to start standing on their religious freedom soap boxes anytime now….., ah, guys, where are y’all.

OH, that’s right, I forgot, this is the Left we are talking about, they are selective in their tolerance. I guess some religions are, more equal than others?

2 responses to “So, the Ground Zero Mosque is about freedom of religion to the Left?

  1. The left has been denigrating Christianity for decades, starting with prayer in schools back in the early sixties. I’m old enough to remember morning prayer in school and I went to school in California. What about the cross in the Mojave desert? The Ninth Circuit Court of Faggots ruled that the cross in the Mojave violated the separation of church and state. Oh yeah…and the Ten Commandants being removed from courtrooms across the country, that was a good one.(NOT)

    The left is playing a dangerous game. The Muslims aren’t the friends of the progressive left anymore than they are of the Conservative right.

  2. There is a unrecognized, underreported faith in this nation, Liberal Democrat Utopianism. How did we miss it? Well, by masquerading as secularists, the Liberal Democrat Utopianists “fooled” the news media. At least, they most certainly look foolish.

    Here is an example of how it works. Contrary to popular opinion, religion is one of the chief subjects in our public schools. After all, we are told that when those upstanding union members teach our children about socialism, environmentalism, multiculturalism, secularism, history, and forth the kids are just learning the facts. And don’t know we know that it must be true. Our government would not fool us, would it?

    Think about the things our kids have learned.
    Socialism: It works really swell.
    Environmentalism: Al Gore is absolutely right.
    Multiculturalism: All religions are equally good and true.
    Secularism: You don’t need to learn anything about God. Government is enough.
    History: Religion starts wars.

    Strangely enough, Liberal Democrat Utopianism was a growing concern until its chief prophet actually got himself elected our nation’s chief theocrat. Oops! When tested against real world conditions, its seems that the religious (supposedly secular) miracles of Liberal Democrat Utopianism don’t work. That is when the Tea Parties started, and bunch of people decided it just might be a good idea to get the religion out of government and put the Constitution back into it.

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