The Science behind beer goggles

News you can use, especially you Gramps. Okay, especially me too.  Alcohol causes you to have a diminished capacity to distinguish asymmetry in faces, an important feature in distinguishing the beauty from the beast. 

Personally, I think all this is bunk.  Beer don’t make us miss that she has an extra ___ number of pounds on her, or that she is under age or cause us to miss the wedding ring on her hand.  Beer makes you horny. You lower your standards when you are horny.  The more horny you are, the lower your standards are.  Sheesh. I shoulda been a scientist!

Annnnnd, as someone who has an asymmetrical face, I resent this study in the first place. So I’m going to play poker, drink, and hopefully crush the opposition.


3 responses to “The Science behind beer goggles

  1. JD…
    Dylan Rattigan brought the “beer goggles” controversy to the big screen, this afternoon…

    He interviewed the British professor that conducted the study and a “Friend of Sherrod” was included as a foil to the “prof” and had her own real life study of the phenomena that appeared entirely realistic and quite accurate to me… with all due, deference to the professor, of course?

    …but you know me, JDee, Hehehe…!

    I must apologize…you’ll have to get by a 30 second “Swiffer” commercial, before the real, “good stuff” starts…

  2. BTW: JD…
    How did I become the Dean Martin of the “Rat Pack”, here…?

    Just because I like to write in the vernacular and sometimes slur my adverbs

    That’s no excuse for stereotyping by blogging style…there are actually some, who consider it rather “down home” and marginally humorous…?

  3. If you always only blog while drinking then people who read what you wrote will think you are always drinking. Not that there is anything wrong with that! [he said as he rode off to play more poker as an excuse to drink beer into the weeeeeeee hours of the night…]

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