Liberal Pickup Lines

No, not F-150 type pickups with guns in the racks kind.  I thought some of these were hillarious, and I even managed to hope that the Smash Mouth crew could come up with more on our own.  

A few from TheLookingSpoon (via linkiest):

Lets go back to my place so we can hike up your taxes and bash some Bush

 Can I get someone else to buy you a drink?

 How about going out for taxes and sex? What?!? You don’t like sex?

 I’m hung lower than Congress’s approval rating

 I wanna ride you like a Prius

 My parents aren’t home right now.”

 “You had me at Mao!”

If I told you you had a nice Pelosi, would you hold it against me

Hmmmm.  Here’s some of my own…

Better put some ice on that!

Hi Monica! I’m Bill Clinton.

Can I be on top just once?

I’m in touch with my feminine side.

Oh, is that you Dad? Sorry, but hey, you look really hawt in that new dress and blonde wig!

You look like you would be more fun than stealing an election!

I’m not against all deep drilling…

Please don’t think that I am being sexist but may I buy you a drink, pleeeeeeese?

Lame, I know.  We can do better…


7 responses to “Liberal Pickup Lines

  1. Under Obamacare electrolysis is free and so am I

  2. Without an extension of the tax cuts, sving yourself for marriage could get pretty expensive.

  3. Let’s go back to my place, watch Keith Olberman and see what happens.

  4. Since I donated my time to Acorn
    Would you donate a BJ to me.

  5. I prefer cameltoes to Bush

  6. The Patriarchy exploited womyn for 10,000 years but if you’ll come back to my place you can exploit me all night.

  7. Wanna come home with me and make sweet protest signs together?

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