Does anybody else think that twitter is juvenile?

Or even infantile?  I revolt against doing anything because it is the latest fad, or because that’s the way it has always been done if I do not see a good reason for doing it. Hell, I stopped wearing a wrist watch twenty years ago, back when lawyers always wore wrist watches (the better to bill you with).  I haven’t worn a wedding ring in twenty years (much to the chagrin of my wife, whom I have never cheated on). 

But I digress.  What am I missing? Is it really f#%*ing immature to even care what somebody else tweets? Or am I just an old dog afraid to learn new tricks? 


2 responses to “Does anybody else think that twitter is juvenile?

  1. Cap, you & I may be old dogs that don’t feel like learning new tricks…but what if they’re stupid tricks?

    I’ve never tweeted; I don’t Facebook or My Space (yet, although there’s this site called Tagged that’s sometimes an occasional distraction) or anything like that. I have the Realm™, and other than here and a couple other places, if I want to say something, that’s where I say it.

    Fret not that yer not a Twitterbug. In this day & age, that might actually be a badge of honor.

    And I wouldn’t wear a ring either, except Mrs. Venomous has a wicked right cross… 🙂

  2. I don’t tweet or facebook or my space either. My wife has face book because that’s the only way we can get pictures of our grandchildren in Va.

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