Why the left supports the ground zero mosque

Let’s face it, the left is neither concerned nor “tolerant” of religious accommodations when it comes to Christians.  The left does not want college Christian groups to exclude as members those who  hold views that are abhorrent to Christians. The left fights new churches from being built with frequent regularity.  Or they just could not care less when others oppose them for so-called “traffic” and “congestion” concerns.  So why is the support of the ground zero Mosque suddenly a litmus test for liberals? Why are those of us in the majority who oppose it compared to Germans who said nothing while Hitler slowly took power, and those in the minority who support the mosque commended for their “principle?”  [Ha! That made me laugh, as if a leftist ever had a principle in his entire life.]

Because our first Moslem President made it an issue.    Let’s face it, Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama is a Mooselimb.  I’ve long doubted that he is a Christian.  1389 Blog has “more evidence that Obama is a Muslim.”


You would never hear him come out in favor of Westboro Church being allowed to build a church near a faggot bar in down town San Fran.  Nor would he support a white supremicist church being built in Harlem, or Timmy McVeigh’s church being built next to The Murray Building.  He did it because he is a Muslim.  He. Has. No. Principles.  Now, if George W. Bush stood up and agreed with Obammy, he would be acting out of principle.  Stupid, misguided principle, but principle none the less.

And now that Obama has stepped in this steaming pile of shit mess all his little lackeys in the media have to try to change public opinion in order to make the Obamameister’s stupid decision to get involved not a liability to the democrap party in general.

I heard some Democrat mouthpiece on a t.v. show trying to compare the building of the mosque to allowing black people to sit anywhere on the bus except in the front (I’m paraphrasing, can’t even remember where I saw it).  He went on to say that this is America, we don’t tell people where they can put their church. 

First, the man is obviously ignorant or lying. We do tell people where they can have their church.  Ever heard of zoning laws?  Second, even if the government cannot legally prevent a Mosque from being built in a certain location because of the First Amendment, that does not apply to individuals.  In fact, I have an absolute right–which is supposedly guaranteed by that same First Amendment–to oppose the Mosque being built so close to ground zero.  In America we call it Freedom of Speech.  

If those flea-ridden camel jockeys really want to get along, they will recognize that a vast majority of Americans oppose this Mosque in this location.  They will choose to move the location not because they are forced to by law but because they voluntarily did so in order to avoid controversy.  But people who supported 9/11 and who secretly hate this country and all that it stands for will build it right there come hell or high water.  And Obama and his lackeys will try to justify it. 

 John Doe

UPDATE:  HA HA HA HA!!  Of 2,949 voters at The Daily Beast (a bunch of liberals and faggots read that), at the end of an article about how rotten it was for Republicans to oppose the ground zero Mosque, only 51% supported the mosque.  Maybe all those sheeples who call themselves liberals and progressives do have a shred of common sense left in their AIDS-ridden bodies.

8 responses to “Why the left supports the ground zero mosque

  1. Too right. Include the ACLU in on this mess. It shocked me bigtime when the ADL (Commies) came out against the victory mosque.

  2. That “UPDATE” is only a bit harsh JD…

    Hey, would there be any appropriate distance…

    How many blocks…two, four, six, eight, ten…nnn…

    Yah gotta getta grip soldier…!

  3. Our favorite and the “newest, quadruplet, groom” on his radio show today; intimated that a “piece of a metal landing gear” was actually found on the roof of the olde factory, destined to be a mosque…

    Hello, Glen Beck…

    You sir, have El Rushbo in yer back pocket…

  4. Gramps, Gramps, GRAMPS! How far away from “ground zero” is like the definition of pornography: “I’ll know it when I see it.” If this was multiple blocks away this never would have become an issue.

    p.s. quit slurping up all those e-mails that Keith Olbermannnnn be sending you.

    • JD… all my posts are original thought[s]…

      I do read, watch and listen widely…I especially luv El Rushbo

      That’s a very special ”benny” my geezerlyness has provided…

      I make a very special effort to meticulously provide attribution to others or do my very best to post in quotations.

      I should be so lucky; as to receive an email from Keith…
      The good Lord luvs yah, JD…!

  5. Well, as individuals, we can also oppose the construction of that mosque. Anybody who works on or sells materials for the construction of that mosque can be ostracized. The construction can be picketed.

    We can make the stupid thing such an expensive pain to build they will be sorry they ever started.

  6. “We do tell people where they can have their church. Ever heard of zoning laws? ”

    Yeah, well the thing has passed the zoning laws and requirements, and it would be a violation of the 1st if they made zoning laws specifically targeted at Islam and Mosques.. You guys love your constitution, except when you don’t!

  7. Sheldon, PAY attention. Nobody is saying that they have no right to build. We OPPOSE them building it. In every legal manner possible. We will write about it, shout about it, and protest it. We will try to have the workers strike, and the builders refuse to do the job. We will boycott the companies that work there and all of the suppliers. Once it is there, we will picket it. We will surround it with gay bars and pork restaurants. That’s the American way. Just because something is legal does not make it right. Nor do we have to accept it.

    This has nothing to do with the Constitution. The Constitution only is a check on what the government does. It is not a check on what the people do. But you would shock the hell out of me if you had ever picked up on that fact.

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