theblogprof wrong on football practice

I admire theblogprof but I think he is wrong criticizing the football team that is practicing at night to allow its majority of Moslem team members to fast for Ramadan. 

I believe that we ought to make reasonable accommodations to peoples’ religious beliefs whenever possible.  I used to get up at 3:00 am to practice hockey in Flint, Michigan because we had one hockey rink for all the local high schools and the semi-pro Generals.  So we practiced whenever we could get ice time.  It did not kill me, and in fact it was like an adventure. 

We used to (before the progressives on the U.S. Supreme Court banned it) have Baccalaureate service at school before graduation, and student lead prayers, moments of silence (he he), bible studies etc.    Hell, if I were the coach of the team, and most of my students were Mooselimbs, I’d do the same thing.  So I have no problem with them practicing late at night.

That said, I agree with theblogprof completely that many in this country bend over backwards to accommodate Mooselimbs while going to the opposite extreme to make life difficult for Christians.  And I too will resist to the death the imposition of Sharia law in this country.  But this ain’t that.  I think this is only a story because of the ground zero mosque brouhaha (love that word). 

I still love ya bro, in a manly man sort of way, as Brother Bobbelvedere might say. 

John Doe

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