Blago plays “Double Jeopardy”

Now is a good time for me to bitch about how the courts have misinterpreted the “double jeopardy” clause of the U. S. Constitution.  I don’t like Blago. I wish he would just go away. He’s a Democrat, and a lying, cheating one at that. But I digress. Most Democrats are that.

But what I am is a Constitutional literalist.  What part of  “nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb” don’t you understand?

Sure, all you (us) law and order types out there are smiling and licking your chops because, though the jury let Blago off with a wrist slap, at least that loser of a prosecutor can re-try him on the EXACT SAME CHARGES that the jury was dead-locked on in the first trial.  Why? Why isn’t that “double jeopardy”?  Because some dumbass judges in the past decided that when the jury is deadlocked and fails to reach a verdict, somehow that does not constitute “double jeopardy.” 

Whooooweeeee! That’s great, you (we) law and order types might say.  Ugh, unless we were the ones on trial. And unless we were the ones who were not guilty, and who were being charged again on trumped-up charges. 

I am not saying Blago is innocent. I don’t really care. Remember, we are conservatives who believe in principle. I don’t want the  full weight of the government to be allowed to come down on me, or anybody else, twice.  You had your chance you fat assed incompetent prosecutor. You lost. Or at least you did not win. Now stop. 

Do  you know how stressful it must be to be in Blago’s shoes? Do you know how expensive it is to defend yourself against such charges? Stop and think if it were you instead of some dumbass s Democrat crooked governor.  Would you want the government to be able to prosecute you all over again?

John Doe

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